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26 June 2018 | Meganisi
The island of Meganisi is a neighbour to the larger island/peninsula of Levkas. It has a few small villages/towns and on its north east corner a series of three large indented bays that are popular anchorages. We had dinghied into Nidri to watch England's game against Tunisia and fancied somewhere quieter for a day or two. We initially tried the most easterly bay 'Athena Bay' that is split by a reef running down its centre. We dropped three times in the area to starboard of the reef but the anchor clearly didn't like that bottom (it was too deep to see why) so we found a place in one of the small bays to port instead. This entailed waiting around whilst a leaving boat tidied his lines, collected his dinghy, then reversed about, then messed about for a few more minutes etc etc. It took him 15 minutes to clear the area and he could clearly have tidied up everything a bit further out. The skipper was not amused! The holding was not that great here but we were OK for the night in quiet conditions.

Morning reflections in Vlikho Bay

Abelike Bay

The next day we moved around to the centre of the three bays 'Abelike Bay' where we found a good spot moored back against a small beach with anchor out and our tape lines ashore. This was much more comfortable and secure so we had a relaxed day enjoying a swim and reading. Mind you, this place has a reputation for rats trying to board boats so we rigged plastic bottles on our lines and chain to make this more difficult.....it seemed to work as we didn't have any visitors, maybe they chose one of the many other boats in the bay.

Our 'beach' anchorage in Abelike Bay

On Thursday England played their next game against Panama so we motored the 40 minutes back to Vlikho Bay and took the dinghy to Nidri and Chris's favourite football watching bar. The skipper felt the effort involved was worth it after a 6-1 win.

We then moved across to Spartokhori on Megansisi. This is a village up on the hill above a nice bay that has two tavernas with moorings for each them. When you read the comments on blogs and the CA site there is a good debate as to which you should frequent, opinions differ. We chose on the basis of where the skipper thought the best shelter would be that night and headed for Taverna Spilia at the head of the bay. Their quayside is a good height but has a very shallow slope under the water. It is necessary to approach and moor with your bows towards the quay as this does not risk your rudder and props hitting the rocks. They have lazy-lines to secure the boat and someone on hand to help so it was an easy task and it's quite nice to have the cockpit facing out into the bay. However as the weather has continued its grey, cloudy, afternoon showers theme for most of the last week the picture from the stern wasn't as bright as it could be.

Spartokhori Bay with the Tavenerna Splilia, Splice moored next to the black rib.
We took a walk up to the village which is pretty and has great photo opportunities from up high across the gulf. Everyone then had to shelter as we had the afternoon rain for 45 minutes but most of the boats were moored by then.

The view from the village of Spartokhori across the gulf

The deal here is that the mooring is free but you are expected to eat at the tavern so we booked a table for that evening. The food was good, the view out across the bay is lovely and we had a very pleasant night. With two starters, two mains courses and a carafe of house wine we paid E42 (including the moorings). As it had been so grey and our solar panels don't produce much in these conditions we also paid E5 to connect to power which helps keep the beer cold!
Chris was pleased when they later turned on a TV in one corner to show Spain play Morocco. Carolyn went back to Splice to read and he watched the game with a Swedish skipper from one of the other boats. Overall we enjoyed the visit here and may well repeat it when passing this way.

Main Photo: The view from our dinner table
Vessel Name: Splice
Vessel Make/Model: Broadblue 435 Catamaran
Crew: Carolyn & Chris Gebbie
We have been married for over 25 years and have two grown up sons. Carolyn has dual English/French nationality and speaks French well. [...]
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Who: Carolyn & Chris Gebbie