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Who: Carolyn & Chris Gebbie
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Plaka Leonidhion

11 September 2019 | Plaka
Plaka is across the gulf, almost opposite Porto Heli so with north west winds blowing at 10-15 knots we had a fast sail across averaging over 7 knots to cover the 15 miles. The main and genoa did the work until the wind dropped as we approached the coast and the bigger gennaker came out for the last couple of miles.

We had set off early as usual to try and ensure a good spot in the harbour and were rewarded when the corner we had identified as the best place was free when we arrived. This spot enabled us to tie up 'side to' which is more unusual in the Med but does give greater security in what we knew to be a less protected harbour.
Though there is a wall facing to the SE the swell from that direction finds its way into the harbour by bouncing off the coast and it was one of the lumpier harbours we have moored in. The other boats that arrived, including a flotilla group, having gone 'stern to' on their anchors were being tossed about rather more than us. Plaka is the port part of the town of Leonidhion located about two miles inland though we didn't visit that as the reports weren't exciting.

Plaka Harbour with the flotilla in residence

We got diesel here, paying E1.36 per litre which is cheaper than the E1.50 per litre being charged in larger marinas and Athens, strange, when often the small, out of the way towns and even islands are less expensive than the marinas with greater throughput. Smells of a rip -off really.

Plaka is an attractive waterfront but there's little else apart from the few tavernas and a couple of basic shops. We had visited back in 2003 and found the same taverna 'Margaret's' for our meal which was acceptable, the standout item being the tasty tomatoes. When we commented to Margaret, she gave us a big bag of them to take away!

During the day we had noticed the preparations on some hard-standing at the side of the harbour... a Greek Wedding was in progress. The guests started arriving as we were eating ashore that evening around 20.30 though the bride and groom didn't appear until around 22.00 to lots of horns and shouting. The music went on until 06.00hrs the next morning....loud Greek music with lots of shouting and hilarity....we didn't get much sleep despite earplugs!

Chris spent the next morning in the engine rooms changing the oil and filters in each engine, a hot sweaty job even when started before the day really hots up. Still, that effort will last until the end of the season now when the main service will take him half a day on each of our 'iron donkeys'

Main Photo: Plaka harbour from our dining table

Vessel Name: Splice
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Who: Carolyn & Chris Gebbie