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Who: Carolyn & Chris Gebbie
24 July 2022
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Season 2022

24 July 2022
Chris Gebbie
Splice blog 1 - 2022

Apologies for the lack of blogs this season.

It started as we were delayed for over a month trying to reach Greece. Our initial flight had to be delayed due to overrunning building works at home and the following flight was one of the early cancellation casualties. After sitting on the plane for 6 hours they cancelled the flight and we had to go home. Rebooked for a week later as this was the only available slot, only for Chris to go down with covid (almost certainly caught on that plane). Another rebooking with associated fees! We eventually arrived in Greece in early June.

Since then there has been a lot of hiding from the winds. Our eldest Mitch and girlfriend Liz joined us in Poros for a week around that area, we then had to wait a week for a weather window to sail out to the Cyclades managing to go via Kithnos to Finikas on Siros before the wind started again. So far it has been blowing over 30knots consistently for 13 days🙁. Whilst we have a secure berth on the quay here and have had a pleasant time socially with other cruisers it is frustrating to be stuck for so long.

Our original plan had been to get to Samos by now and fly back to UK for a month but given the delay we would miss the flight home. With all the chaos in the airports the only conclusion was to cancel the return and stay on board until the end of the season in October.

We now plan to leave tomorrow (Monday 25th July) and sail in company with other boats (‘Undine’ a German flagged Bavaria - crewed by Heidi and Hans and ‘Rusalka’ an Elan 44 crewed by Aussies Steve and Philly) the 30 miles to Mykonos before heading 55 miles across the Aegean (roughly 9 hours sailing) to the Fournoi islands the next day. That will leave us a short 25 mile sail to the marina on Samos later in the week.

We have decided not to post such regular blogs this season as it takes half a day to prepare and upload so you will only have the occasional comment from us. Please feel free to contact us at ‘splice435@gmail.com’ if you have questions about places we have visited or any other info.
Vessel Name: Splice
Vessel Make/Model: Broadblue 435 Catamaran
Crew: Carolyn & Chris Gebbie
We have been married for over 25 years and have two grown up sons. Carolyn has dual English/French nationality and speaks French well. [...]
Extra: Contact us at splice435(the at sign)gmail.com

Who: Carolyn & Chris Gebbie