09 August 2008 | Glenmore Sailing School, Glenmore Reservoir, Calgary
31 July 2008 | glenmore reservoir
25 July 2008 | ghost lake reservoir, Morley Indian Reserve, Alberta, CA
22 July 2008 | glenmore reservoir, SW Calgary,AB,Ca

white water 1 sailing course

09 August 2008 | Glenmore Sailing School, Glenmore Reservoir, Calgary
Well, we are officially sailors. After Tuesday's 3 hour instruction, bowline knots, figure 8 knots and lots of nautical terminology, we finally got our little boats in the water. Zach was my co-sailor. They split up family groups. As the instructor Mike explained, " You don't like to drive together do you?" Unfortunately there was very little wind; that and the wobbly rudder was quite stressful for one evening. We finally paddled into the dock area. Zach seems quite adept at steering and tacking for what little wind there happens to be. I got quite proficient at avoiding the boom and trying to balance this little boat, which is quite tippy. However, I did get something right; I remembered the bowline knot, essential for hoisting the 2 sails, the main and the jib. After we returned dry to the school, I learned that the crew member, mostly me, had to manage the jib for the captain. Rudy seems pretty gungho about the sailing experience. Apparently when he first got behind the rudder on his boat, it nearly capsized. kodak moment missed again.

mud puppy kayaking

31 July 2008 | glenmore reservoir
Last week we kayakked around the western shore of glenmore reservoir. We should have got suspicious though when we saw canada geese walking among the weeds in the middle of the lake. Sure enough we were nearly beached in 5 inches of water in some places. Lots of geese, and ducks, even some black cormorants. Of course, you're in plain view of North Glenmore Park from the north cliffs. I'm sure it was quite a sight , us using the paddles like gondola poles. We start our White Sail introduction course on Tuesday evening for 3 hours. We've seen the Glenmore sailing school and their little 2 man boats. It should be very interesting.

avoiding the log jams

25 July 2008 | ghost lake reservoir, Morley Indian Reserve, Alberta, CA
We successfully avoided the floating log debris on the above mentionned foothills manmade lake this pm. Since the lake is primarily used for jetskiing, wake boarding behind outboard motor boats, we were questionning the safety for these watersports enthusiasts. In fishing kayaks, they don't present much of a hazard, as you usually have time to react to them. We saw several sailboats today, the Katrilu for one. We tried to reach the western end of the reservoir, but got a bit winded and turned back to the marina end of the lake. It's amazing the wave action on the lake, when there wasn't much boat action. I prefer this location to the Glenmore Reservoir, because you get a little excited with the small 1 foot waves once in a while, and then an outboard roars by and good gracious, you might get 2 foot waves. It's a great sight for kayakers, especially during the workweek.

reservoir kayaking

22 July 2008 | glenmore reservoir, SW Calgary,AB,Ca
well, now I know how to get up close and personal with waterfowl. We were kayaking on the above named body of water when I noticed a group of canada geese along the shore east of the golf course. I slowly approached them in the kayak and was very surprised by their overall lack of alarm. They casually walked back on shore doing their usually grazing. Maybe 10 feet separated us. The biggest hazard at this location is the tourist paddle boat that is docked at Heritage Park, a cultural history venue. Known for their Wainright Hotel mystery dinner theatre, their Labour Day Fall Fairs and their updated steam engine train that carries tourists through its park with 5 or so stations. Its a great place for senior visitors, and has some interest for younger people, some old updated carny rides, crack the whip, ferris wheel, caterpillar, merry go round. Horse drawn wagons also give rides.
As we kayak about the reservoir, we are studying the sailcraft both moored and those sailing. Since it is a motor craft free site, the only waves and wake come from the SS Moyin Paddle Steamer. The only question I have is why they still fly the Union Jack on the dock. Not many of those can be still seen flying publicly here. We fly a regulation size Canada Maple Leaf flag from a 'pole' at home and also a small car flag from our vehicle ( great help for those with the parking lot forgetfullness affliction) The only time you see a preponderance of flags is when the local hockey team the Calgary Flames is competing for a playoff spot or is in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Pretty sad, Calgary.
Vessel Name: sky captain and first matey
Vessel Make/Model: 2 pelican fishing kayaks
Hailing Port: calgary, AB, CA
Crew: rudy, marilyn
please pray for us. we're setting our sails for a new course in our coming retiring years. we are landlocked on the Bow River at the present time; but every journey starts somewhere. Rudy is an environmental air quality expert in the oil patch. [...]
Extra: A sailing time-share plan on the BC coast this Fall would probably stretch are sea legs and stomachs. Any ideas?
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Who: rudy, marilyn
Port: calgary, AB, CA