Sailing Starfire

Voyaging in the Pacific

The End of the Party

March 26, 2020
San Jose del Cabo
It’s hot, hot, hot!! Time to go “around the corner”.
After spending a bumpy night in Frailes Bay on the way here, and seeing the green water and millions of jellyfish, we are convinced that the end...

Incredible Wildlife! Mobula rays and dolphins!

May 20, 2020
Predictably, a couple days here in Muertos have turned into four. Every day just consistently got better and better. Quite a few boats came and went, but there hasn’t been another boat joining us since the last one left yesterday morning....

Ensenada de los Muertos, Round #4

May 17, 2020

Ensenada de Los Muertos
Checking out of a marina always feels bittersweet to me…once more leaving friends behind to sail off with just the two of us. But the thought of making it home in the next few weeks or so is...

Luxury in Marina Palmira

May 15, 2020
Back in La Paz!
Since the eerie and uncomfortable times in this city the last time we were here around April Fool’s Day, there is a slightly more relaxed feeling-or maybe it’s just here in Marina Palmira. We treated ourselves to...

Calm (at first) Candeleros

May 11, 2020
Back in “civilization” (Puerto Escondido) once more on May 8th, we rejuvenated with another trip to the store, ice cream bars, a chance to wash sheets and towels, take out for dinner, and a social distance apart happy hour on the dock...

Serene Sunrise "Sail" back to Bee Bay

May 7, 2020
It’s tough to leave La Ramada Cove, which we certainly claim as one of our most favorite bays in the Sea Of Cortez. But, we’d like to beat the south winds. What a forgotten treat it is to motor out at sunrise (6:15 am) in calm seas,...

Furthest Destination North in the Sea

May 6, 2020
The time seems to have arrived to start making our way back south to Cabo San Lucas in preparation for our “Baja Bash” back to California. Though remaining cruisers here seem to be mostly lackadaisical about when they are planning to...

Wildlife-Bees, Dolphins, and Rays

Thursday, April 30, 2020
Somehow I feel sad to hear that another cruiser boat we are so used to hearing on the morning net each day, Carmanah, is heading across the Sea to haul out for the season. It makes me more intent on enjoying the time we have...

Small joys

April 29, 2020
Oh the small joys of popcorn-popped the “old fashioned” way-in a saucepan on the stovetop. Like a child, I smile when I see the kernels popping beneath the glass lid until the pan is full. Then, I add a teaspoon or so of butter sliced...

Finding "gold" in Puerto Escondido

April 25, 2020
How sweet it is-to get our hands on some nice, fresh produce, including 30 eggs (gold!!!) and a huge bag of coffee, ground fresh. We enjoyed Puerto Escondido for a couple of days. Though we walked around with our uncomfortable N95 masks...