Sailing on Starshine

Vessel Name: Starshine
Vessel Make/Model: Outbound 44
Hailing Port: San Francisco, CA
Crew: Pat and Melodie Williams
About: We have been "working the plan" since 2004 when Pat began taking sailing lessons. That lead to a few sailing vacations on sailboats. Melodie took some classes too. We purchased our boat in 2011.
27 February 2019 | Alameda California
26 February 2019 | Mazatlan to San Francisco
26 February 2019 | Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico
01 May 2018 | El Cid - Mazatlan
09 April 2018 | Marina Mazatlan
07 March 2018 | La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
23 January 2018 | La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
04 December 2017 | La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
24 October 2017 | Oakland, CA
04 September 2017 | South Lake Tahoe CA
04 September 2017 | Culver OR
04 September 2017 | Culver OR
04 September 2017 | Redmond Oregon
17 July 2017 | Polson Montana
31 May 2017 | Our new Camper in Ira Texas
04 May 2017 | Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit Mexico
04 April 2017 | La Cruz Anchorage
12 March 2017 | Chamela Bay
12 March 2017 | Tenicatita Bay
18 February 2017 | La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
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27 February 2019 | Alameda California

Goodbye Starshine

Melodie and I have accepted an offer on Starshine. We close escrow on March 8, 2019.

26 February 2019 | Mazatlan to San Francisco

The Baja Bash

Preparing for the Baja Bash (the trip north from Mexico to California). They call it “The Bash” because the prevailing winds and waves are from the northwest. So you are basically going uphill (if that makes any sense).

26 February 2019 | Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico

Summer 2018

As many of you who have followed our blog over the last four years you’ll note that I have not given it any attention since last spring. So let me fill in the blanks.

01 May 2018 | El Cid - Mazatlan

Marina El Cid - Mazatlan

Today is Tuesday May 1, 2018.

09 April 2018 | Marina Mazatlan

Marina Mazatlan

Today is Monday April 9, 2018.

07 March 2018 | La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

Leaving Banderas Bay

Today is Wednesday March 7, 2018.

Tenicatita Bay

12 March 2017 | Tenicatita Bay
Pat and Melodie
Today is Sunday March 12, 2017.

We are in Tenicatita Bay where we've been for a week now.

Melodie returned from her trip to the USA and we moved into Marina La Cruz on Monday Feb 27th. We hoisted the dinghy onto the dock and I replaced the transom engine plate with a piece of Starboard (fake plywood) that Melodie brought back with her from the states. We did a few other projects, including getting the bottom cleaned and washing the boat. We decided to head south on Friday March 3. We awoke at 0330 and left the dock at 0400. The seas were on the beam as we exited Banderas Bay which made for a very rolly ride until we made the turn south off Cabo Corrientes. (Melodie was not feeling very well during that part-no sea legs yet). Once we were headed south the seas were behind us and the ride was much smoother. It was nice to make this passage during the daylight as we have done it before in the dark. The seas were fairly calm this time. In the past it has been like a washing machine. We arrived in Chamela around 1700 hours and got anchored with about 6-8 other boats. Most of the other boats were on their way north, but given our late start this season and weird schedule we were still headed south. We stayed in Chamela for two nights and spent a relaxing time hanging out on the boat.

On Sunday March 11 we left Chamela and arrived in Tenicatita. There have been between 8-14 boats here the last week. In the height of the season (Jan-Feb) there are as many as 35-40 boats here.

We were invited over to S/V Windswept for cocktails and met the crews of Dream Catcher and Paradisea. All were very nice people and made for an enjoyable evening. The next day we tried going up the estuary to see crocodiles and other wild life. We had trouble entering the small river as the tide was falling and was very shallow. We decided not to go and the other 3 boats (in their dinghies) continued on. They reported later that the entrance was the shallowest part. Oh well. We did this river trip 2 years ago before the hurricane hit here. The next day we all took taxis into the town of La Manzanilla for a day trip. We took the crocodile tour, ate fish tacos on the beach, and stocked up on fresh vegetables. The Crocs were quite active and a huge one seemed especially pissed off. It was hissing and made the water dance off of it as it vibrated its body. I think the wooden plank walkway would have snapped like a toothpick if the crock wanted to get at us.

During the high season the sailboat Harmony of Alameda, with Robert and Virginia aboard, host a weekly raft-up of dinghies every Friday. Since they headed north a few weeks ago I organized a "non-mayor" raft-up. Robert considers himself the Mayor of Tenicatita and the events he hosts are called The Mayor's Raft-up. About 12 dinghies arrived with 14 boat crews (2 boats car pooled). We shared appetizers and everyone introduced themselves. It was fun. T

The water here isn't as clear or as warm as it usually is. This winter has been cooler overall in the Mexican cruising grounds. We've been swimming, but only on select days when the water is clearer. I think there is more biologics in the cooler water than when it is warmer. Just like the whales go to Alaska to feed in the cold food filled waters.

We heard our friends on No Ties on the radio this morning. We last talked to them on the VHF radio in early January on our trip down from San Carlos. We heard their boat was in Barra de Navidad and had hoped to see them next week. It wasn't meant to be. They are headed north and we will not see them this season. That's how it works when you're cruising. Everyone is on their own schedule and sometimes your paths cross, and sometimes they don't. We look forward to seeing them next fall when our season will start at the normal time, Oct/Nov.

I tried to catch some fish on the way down from La Cruz. We only caught one Skip Jack moments after leaving Chamela. We threw it back, as they don't taste too good. I've been active on the SSB and Ham radio nets. I check in almost daily on both nets.

We are enjoying quiet days here in Tenicatita. The breezes are soft and the sun is shining. The water could be warmer, but it is very beautiful. We'll move to the marina in Barra de Navidad next week and hope to attend the St Patrick's Day Festival in Melaque. St Patrick is the patron saint of Melaque and they put on quite a celebration we hear. After that we'll turn north again and slowly make our way to Mazatlán. I expect we'll be in La Cruz for 3-4 weeks on the way north.
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