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17 August 2010 | St. Thomas, USVI
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17 October 2009 | Isleta Marina
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In-A-Gadda-De-Vida at Anegada Island

27 February 2010 | Anegada Island, BVI
Deborah/Sunny and Windy
Eleven short, flat miles north east of Virgin Gorda sits Anegada, the Drowned Island. A stark contrast to the volcanic mountainous terrain of the rest of the chain, Anegada is flat, dry, and only 28 feet above sea level at its highest point. Reminding us of the Bahamas, only a palm tree or two, scrub brush and cacti, and fringed by dangerous coral reefs and pristine waters. For some reason we had to listen to Iron Butterfly when we arrived...must be the name.

A main hub for the bareboat fleet there are five restaurants on the beach, all waiting for business. As deserted as Virgin Gorda, we were told the charter boat fleet wouldn't arrive until Monday, so we are enjoying the relative isolation. The Anegada Reef Hotel serves a decent Mahi burger, or Triggerfish if you prefer, fresh caught by this friendly local fisherman.

Or if you prefer you can come in for dinner and have fresh caught lobster grilled on a BBQ. We found this quite interesting as all the restaurants in the Virgin Islands offer fresh caught local lobster, and we have seen only two spiny lobsters the entire time we have been here. Where the secret stash is we have yet to find.

But no matter where you go, everyone knows how to make a painkiller!

Vessel Name: STARSHIP
Vessel Make/Model: Piver Trimaran
Hailing Port: Kona, Hawaii
Crew: Don Bogdan , Deborah Carter, and Daisy the dog
The STARSHIP embarked on our current journey in December 2000, home schooling our children and enjoying freedom from land. We explored the west coasts of Central and South America, the Galapagos Islands, the western Caribbean and the eastern coast of the United States. [...]
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Who: Don Bogdan , Deborah Carter, and Daisy the dog
Port: Kona, Hawaii