Throwing Stars

26 June 2011 | St. George, Bermuda

Final Prep for crossing to Azores

26 June 2011 | St. George, Bermuda
Steve Everist
Wind is predicted 5-10knts from SSW tomorrow so a fine time to be heading to the Azores. Will take a NE course for about 2-3 days to get to about 35'N before turning ENE for the Azores. Should have 5-20knts at our back for the next week so looking good. Will try to stay South of the weather, but not so far we loose our breeze. StarThrower looks great. Mike and I are going to miss Bermuda, this picturesque little rock in the middle of the Ocean.
Vessel Name: StarThrower
Vessel Make/Model: Wauquiez Pretorien 35
Hailing Port: Okoboji, Iowa
Crew: Steve and Mike Everist
About: Brothers from Denver who learned to sail in Okoboji, Iowa.
Extra: Sailing from Seattle to Barcelona via the Panama Canal. Currently crossing the Atlantic from Florida.
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StarThrowing Brothers

Who: Steve and Mike Everist
Port: Okoboji, Iowa