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21 June 2012 | Clyde Marina, Ardrossan
20 June 2012 | North Channel, Irish Sea
17 June 2012 | Bay of Biscay
15 June 2012 | Coruna Marina, La Coruna
14 June 2012 | Marina Coruna, La Coruna
13 June 2012 | North Atlantic Ocean
12 June 2012 | North Atlantic Ocean
09 June 2012 | North Atlantic Ocean
07 June 2012 | Ponta Delgaga
06 June 2012 | Ponta Delgada
04 June 2012 | Angra
02 June 2012 | Horta, Faial
01 June 2012 | Horta , Faial
28 May 2012 | North Atlantic Ocean
25 May 2012 | North Atlantic Ocean
24 May 2012 | North Atlantic Ocean
23 May 2012 | North Atlantic Ocean
22 May 2012 | North Atlantic Ocean
21 May 2012 | North Atlantic Ocean
20 May 2012 | North Atlantic Ocean

Following winds and seas

25 May 2012 | North Atlantic Ocean
Susan Mackay
This is a bit more like it. We are in a much better place as of yesterday morning running as we are dead downwind in a west south westerly of 20knots, Voyageur averaging around eight and half knots over the ground. We have been waiting days for this wondering if it would ever come. Again we had another fabulous dawn, on this trip the sunrises much more impressive than the sunsets. The sun as it bursts upon the horizon seems larger and redder than I ever remembered and its ascent so rapid, you have to keep your eyes transfixed as it pops up like a giant red balloon that has been held down under water only to be suddenly released. I shall miss these special moments more than anything else.
Last night Herb predicted heavy weather around the Azores on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week so we are now on a mission to get there by Monday.
It is 5 o'clock on Friday evening and we have just dipped below the 400nm mark, the log reading 399.9nm. It is a lovely evening and I am sitting in the cockpit sipping a glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc. As everyone knows I like to pop an ice cube or two into my wine but soon it won't be necessary. It is freezing cold. We are in socks and two fleeces but completely out of the wind behind our cockpit enclosure. We count only three other boats on the rally that might have the luxury of such superb shelter.
Vessel Name: VOYAGEUR
Vessel Make/Model: Amel Super Maramu 2000
Hailing Port: Rhu, Scotland
Crew: Susan and David Mackay
David first learned to sail on a Loch Fyne day boat out of Helensburgh Sailing Club on the River Clyde in his mid twenties. With the arrival of a family he did not do any more, until in 1984 we bought our first boat, “The Golden Soak”, a Matilda 20. [...]

Our motto:Carpe Diem

Who: Susan and David Mackay
Port: Rhu, Scotland