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23 January 2013
20 January 2013
18 January 2013
20 May 2012
19 May 2012 | Barbados Yacht Club
18 May 2012 | The Mount Gay Regatta - Barbados
15 May 2012 | Carlisle Bay - Barbados Cruising Club
14 May 2012 | Carlysle Bay, Bardados
11 May 2012 | St Lucia
10 May 2012 | Rodney Bay Marina
04 May 2012 | A dreary Maldon, UK
03 January 2011 | Rodney Bay
16 December 2010 | Rodney Bay, St Lucia
11 December 2010

St.Lucia to Barbados

14 May 2012 | Carlysle Bay, Bardados
That was an eventful trip. After a few days of hard labour and a few light beers (yeah, right) we were ready to set off. Rather out of character, Simon got an early night whilst Dave, Stu and Bill went our for a nightcap... 4.5 hours later they staggered back - Bill lighter 700ecd and his wallet. Thankfully his wallet was returned but not the cash. Rather unpleasant business.

Happy Morning set sail at 16.00 local time, heading north in preparation for a single tack and a direct route to Barbados. Initially seas were light but the channel began swelling and before too long swells of 2M and waves of equal height got the best of the two less experienced crew members and Bill was ill below whilst Simon managed to make a mess of the boat which in a force 6 gusting 7 was not pleasant for those downwind. Sorry guys. So whilst Simon and Bill spend 15 of the 19 Hours looking at the rather gruesome bottoms of their respective buckets, the three remaining guys sailed through nasty seas to get us here safely which was a Herculean effort and one for which they are still struggling now.

BUT... Barbados here we are. Some soggy checking in sheets later and customs let us through for a pleasant trip motor sailing to Carlysle Bay. Bill only managed to run over two buoys on the way down (thankfully no propellor damage). We have now set anchor and tied into a dodgy looking buoy - hence the anchor - and will shortly be enjoying our first proper grub for 36 hours!!!

Until the next update!!!
Vessel Name: Happy Morning
Vessel Make/Model: Sigma 36FR
Hailing Port: MLSC Maldon & Marconi SC, Steeple, UK
Crew: Dave Onyons, Stuart Golding, Mike Duckmanton, Bill Sutters, Simon Onyons
About: A tip top racing team. Ok, I lied about that bit. Just a bunch of fat old farts but we can party with the best of 'em. Living proof that old age and cunning outdoes youth and exuberance (in the bar at least!).
Extra: Looking to have some fun while we still have our own teeth. We have the will to push ourselves that extra mile providing there's pie, chips, and a pint at the other end.
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