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Nisos Leros

24 January 2022
Jane Paulson
Nisos Leros - Lakki

We arrived back to Stiletto at 4.30 in the morning but were unable to get on board! While we had been away, the marina staff had pulled her further off the dock just as a precautionary measure against any high winter winds. We were extremely grateful to see this but unfortunately our passerelle would not reach !!!!! We tried to pull the boat closer to the dock but failed. So, as the office didn't open until 8am, we had to sit in the car, running the engine occasionally to fire up the heating as it was bloomin cold!

At 8 am prompt, Andreas went up to the office and returned shortly afterwards with one of the marineros and a very long passerelle so we were able to get on board. It was good to be back. Our old girl had survived very nicely without us.

It has been great having the car. It certainly is useful for supermarket runs and we are now exploring the island.

We have a list of jobs that need to be done before this season starts. The engine needs a service and we need to find out the cause of the loss of revs. The shower pump has stopped working and our hot water boiler has also retired. Whilst all this has been inconvenient we have to remind ourselves that all this equipment is 15 years old and for 12 of those years we have lived aboard and it has all been worked hard.

So shortly after we arrived we emailed the marina office with a list of works and we are waiting for them to give us dates of when we can get these jobs done. In the meantime, we have other jobs to be getting on with. I want to re- varnish the companionway steps (these are the 3 steps that lead down from the cockpit to the saloon) as they are now looking very shabby. Below decks will get a thorough deep clean and we are going to be very ruthless and strip her of everything that we thought we would use but haven't. The plan being to fill the car with all this excess “stuff" and take it back to the UK in February.

We have had some very wet and windy weather since our return. Three days of continuous rain with a thunder and lightening storm that lasted a whole day and night. Very high winds and very cold temperatures. We have been running our on board heating for a few hours in the morning and evening every day and Stiletto gets very warm and cosy very quickly. On the days when there is no rain we get out and walk but sadly there is nowhere with enough shelter to practice yoga.

Our aim is to get most, if not all, of the jobs done before our return to UK. Our plan, when there, is to take enough furniture out of storage to equip our one bedroom apartment that will now become our bolt hole. Its a huge undertaking, quite daunting in fact, but one that we are also looking forward to, besides, it will be very exciting going through our 4 crates and re-discovering our possessions!!!!

Muse for this post: The more you believe that everything will be ok, the faster it will become a reality.

Vessel Name: Stiletto
Vessel Make/Model: Bavaria 33 Cruiser
Hailing Port: Gosport, UK
Crew: Andreas Giles & Jane Paulson
We have been sailing together for 15 years and have owned Stiletto for 13 of them. We have exhausted the Solent and the South Coast and all the other usual passages: West Country, France, Channel Islands etc. that are available from our home port of Gosport. [...]
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