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05 August 2022
Jane Paulson
We said our farewells to Aunt Koula and Joyce and prepared to leave the next day for Nisos Aegina stopping overnight at Ak. Skillaion. We did manage to sail for a while but soon the wind died and we were forced to put on the engine. We anchored in the bay at Skillaion but had a horrid night - swell coming into the anchorage and as we were beam on, there was lots of rock 'n' roll. Not nice.

Next morning we were glad to leave and had a 24 mile passage to Nisos Aegina. We managed to sail for 9 miles before having to resort to the engine.

We were going to stop at the island of Poros but decided to save the visit until the end of the season. Its now August, the main holiday month, and some places are very, very busy. We motored through the very narrow channel between the mainland and the island and this lovely port was very busy but also very pretty so we will definitely return, when its quiet.

So we continued on to Aegina and anchored in the town bay.

Nisos Aegina is one of the driest places in Greece. The island is named after Aegina, the mother of the hero Aeacus, who was born here and became its king. It is the closest island to Athens, hence its popularity as a holiday spot and Athenians and tourists poured off the many ferries and hydrofoils that came and went from early morning to late evening.

An extinct volcano constitutes two-thirds of the island. The Northern and Western sides consist of fertile plains which are well cultivated and produce crops of grain, some cotton, vines, almonds, olives and figs but the most characteristic crop is the PISTACHIO - of which we purchased 5 kilos. They have a very different and much nicer taste to all the other varieties available - earthy and they don't need salt.. Many years ago the original stock came from Iran and they are considered the best in the world with an annual yield of 800 tonnes. We eat of lot of pistachios - sprinkled over Greek yoghurt and honey.......Yumbo.

The Southern volcanic part of the island is very rugged, mountainous and mostly barren.
We stayed 4 days here and did some sightseeing and took loads of photos.......

Muse for this post: It's not how big the boat is, it's how happy the boat is !
Vessel Name: Stiletto
Vessel Make/Model: Bavaria 33 Cruiser
Hailing Port: Gosport, UK
Crew: Andreas Giles & Jane Paulson
We have been sailing together for 15 years and have owned Stiletto for 13 of them. We have exhausted the Solent and the South Coast and all the other usual passages: West Country, France, Channel Islands etc. that are available from our home port of Gosport. [...]