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Nisos Skyros - 2

20 October 2022
Jane Paulson
The Skyrian horse is an ancient Greek breed which survived only in Skyros. Nowadays it numbers around 190 on the island and 300 worldwide. They are normally about 1.10m in height and have long thick mains, and a very calm nature . They roam freely on the southeastern part of the island and live in small herds. They compete for grazing with 20,000 goats and sheep which is becoming a very big problem for their survival.
During the warm summer months when food and water becomes scarce, they descend from the mountains and head to the farms of their owners, where they receive proper care. Their survival is severely threatened.
Vessel Name: Stiletto
Vessel Make/Model: Bavaria 33 Cruiser
Hailing Port: Gosport, UK
Crew: Andreas Giles & Jane Paulson
We have been sailing together for 18 years and have owned Stiletto for 16 of them. We have exhausted the Solent and the UK South Coast and all the other usual passages: West Country, France, Channel Islands etc. that are available from our home port of Gosport. [...]