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25 May 2017 | The scale of this structure!
25 May 2017 | More wrapping paper. There is a business opportunity here for when I hang up my deck shoes
25 May 2017 | The tobacco buildings
25 May 2017 | Cap'n Andreas. The modern day privateer
25 May 2017 | Is this the most unloved boat in the world? Languishing in Port Morlaix. Waiting for a new owner. So very very sad.
24 May 2017
24 May 2017 | Our arrival at high water
24 May 2017 | And at low water
24 May 2017 | Upstream from our anchorage
24 May 2017 | Sun setting at the mouth of the river
23 May 2017
23 May 2017 | The entrance channel
23 May 2017 | Our mooring
23 May 2017 | The entrance channel and sill at low tide
23 May 2017 | The sill
23 May 2017 | Lots of pink granite. Eventually all these boats were on the mud
20 May 2017
20 May 2017 | Entering the Riviere Treguier
20 May 2017 | International Rescue!
20 May 2017 | Tied up alongside

Nisos Leros - Lakki Marina

19 May 2022
Jane Paulson
"In, Out, Shake It All About "

We're back. Absolutely thrilled to see Stiletto still afloat and in relatively good shape. I say relatively - after we left, apparently, there were three weeks of unrelenting rain that brought with it the dreaded orange Saharan sand. She was absolutely covered and I can tell you that it is an absolute bugger to get rid of.

Before I go any further, I simply have to sing the praises of this marina. The staff are amazing. Very tuned in to the needs of us yachties. We can be very demanding and always want stuff fixed or delivered yesterday! There doesn't appear to be anything that can't be done by very professional engineers. The lovely girls in the office are extremely knowledgeable and so very helpful. 24 hour security and regular patrols by the marineros means that we don't fret about our old gel. We would recommend this marina to anyone wanting to either visit short term or look to stay long term either in or out of the water.

We had a problem with our fridge. It is after all 15 years old and has been used hard - especially last summer when the temperature in the cabin reached 90 deg C. The local fridge engineer (named Andreas - the best men are, don't you know!!) came in December and fitted a new thermostat and sensor. Re-gassed it and job done. (Or so we thought. It too wants to retire and a week or so after our return has decided to stop working properly so the Engineer Andreas is coming back - I fear a new one is needed)

The shower pump, also 15 years old and worked equally as hard decided to retire so a new one has been fitted by the lovely Marios.

The engine has been serviced also by Marios and George. Excellent job done. And a new bow navigation light has been fitted by Paniotis . All this work was done before we left in February with a few bits completed in our absence. We had absolutely no problem with any of the engineers having access to Stiletto while we were away.

So, on our return, the next job was to get her lifted out of the water, scrub off her bum, check the propeller and integral rope cutter, do a general eye ball inspection of the copper coat and re-mark the anchor chain. We had this booked in for the week after we got back. Stiletto hadn't been lifted out for two years. In the past we stay on board while she is 'on sticks' but now have decided that we just don't want to do that anymore so we booked ourselves into a local hotel which meant we didn't have to climb up and down a steep ladder each time we needed a pee during the night and we would eat out as cooking and washing up was simply impossible .
We booked into The Bianco Boutique Hotel here in Lakki, and enjoyed the luxury of a lovely hot shower at the end of the day as well as freshly fried eggs the next morning.

With everything in good order, the next task was to get her back in the water, and afterwards we had 3 weeks back on our pontoon to finalise deck cleaning, check the main sail and genoa, give cupboards and lockers a real good shake up and get EVEN MORE stuff that we do not need off her before we left our berth and anchored out in the Bay of Lakki where we will await the arrival of Jack who is the great-grandson of Andrea's late mum's best friend. Got it????

Jack is joining us for two weeks. He arrives on Leros, we sail and then drop him off in Athens for his flight back to the UK. Jack is 25 years old, a Fireman, 6'5" tall and a Karate Champion. Hey...... I'm off the clock......... he can do some (if not all) of the grunting and grinding!!! We're delighted to have him on board - a whole new adventure awaits.

Just to keep you in the loop....... from Athens, we go all the way up the East Coast of the mainland, to the Turkish Border, along the way, visiting lots of island groups and it will take us about 5 months to do this clockwise circuit before getting back to Leros by mid November.

Muse for this post: some of the best adventures haven't happened yet .........keep on sailing !!!!

Nisos Leros - Lakki Marina

19 May 2022
Jane Paulson
At our allocated time, we motored around to the crane where she was put into the slings and slowly lifted out of the water. Its always a bit nerve wracking but these guys know exactly what they are doing - with 700 boats in this yard, they've had enough practice!!!

Nisos Leros - Lakki Marina

19 May 2022
Jane Paulson
Gently, gently she is manoeuvred through the yard and put on cradles.

Nisos Leros

19 May 2022
Jane Paulson
The coppercoat is now 9 years old and is in really good shape. It was expensive at the time but money very well spent. It means we don't have to go through the horrible job of painting on antifoul - been there, done that!! However, we noticed a few places that need touching up, especially on the keel, so when we return from the UK next year we will bring a few pots of coppercoat back with us.

Nisos Leros - Lakki Marina

19 May 2022
Jane Paulson
Our anchor chain is marked in 3m increments with yellow Hammerite, as is Rocky the Rocna anchor. Its easy to calculate the required amount of chain we need to drop and Andreas usually swims out to check the anchor is well buried. Yellow is a good colour as it is easily visible.

Nisos Leros - Lakki Marina

19 May 2022
Jane Paulson
Mal and Karen are back in town!!! We met for a coffee and catch up, followed a few days later by an outstanding curry on board their yacht Taliska.
Vessel Name: Stiletto
Vessel Make/Model: Bavaria 33 Cruiser
Hailing Port: Gosport, UK
Crew: Andreas Giles & Jane Paulson
We have been sailing together for 15 years and have owned Stiletto for 13 of them. We have exhausted the Solent and the South Coast and all the other usual passages: West Country, France, Channel Islands etc. that are available from our home port of Gosport. [...]
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