The goal is to die with memories, not dreams.

08 June 2017 | Our mooring at Bertheaume
08 June 2017 | The Adventure Centre and zip wire at Bertheaume Bay
08 June 2017 | Taking shelter on the Aulne. A complete whiteout
08 June 2017 | The Aulne. Narrow with steep sides
08 June 2017 | Approaching the bridge over the Aulne
08 June 2017 | An incredible piece of engineering
08 June 2017 | The naval graveyard
08 June 2017 | You know when you've really made it when your chateau sits on your own private island
08 June 2017 | The Abbey de Landevennec. A beautiful building
08 June 2017 | Port Maria. Just at the start of the River Aulne
08 June 2017 | Bikers - a taste of what's to come!
08 June 2017 | The moving rock
08 June 2017 | The submarine pens
08 June 2017 | On our mooring looking downriver at the Elorn Bridge
08 June 2017 | The Bridge over the Elorn. An optical illusion. It is actually two. One old. One new
08 June 2017 | The lovely church, nestles amongst the trees on the waters edge
08 June 2017 | The Elorn - a very different landscape
08 June 2017 | The French love their viaducts
30 May 2017
30 May 2017 | Nothing illustrates more clearly the massive tides in this part of the world than this picture, taken at low water

Nisos Lipsi

13 November 2022
Jane Paulson
We said our farewells to friends on Ikaria and left the marina at 09.20am for the 23 mile passage to Nisi Marathos where we planned to pick up a mooring buoy for an overnight stay.

The first 11 miles was a great run on full white sails but then the wind died (there's a surprise!!) and we finished on the engine (boo hoo ). Andreas lost another fish – the least said about that the better !!!

We just love Marathos. We have been here many times.
On arrival, we were the only boat in the bay. The three tavernas were all closed up for the winter. It was soooooo quiet. All we could hear was the tinkling of the goat bells.

We watched the sun set, ate on board and tucked down for the evening. Bliss.

Next morning, we slipped our lines from the mooring buoy and motored the 7 miles to Nisos Lipsi. We have been here before, both at anchor in the bay and on the quayside. Today we chose the quayside because there were strong winds forecast and that was the safest option. In fact, after we tied up, we received a Severe Weather Warning from the Greek authorities telling us to stay put. Do Not Move. We stayed put !!

It was here we caught up with Janita and Andrea. We first met them on Nisos Samos back in 2019. Pre – Bloody - Covid.

We love them both. They sail a beautiful classic wooden yacht named Mayflower and this year they have taken part in several regattas and won. We met them for coffee and an outstanding club sandwich at the renowned bakery and caught up on all the news. Later we met for Ouzo and Mezze and they introduced us to Giánnis who invited all of us to his farm up in the hills the next day for a BBQ.
Janitas daughter Tamara was due to arrive that evening on the ferry with her husband Dimitris and son Lukas for the weekend.

It was agreed that Janita and I would take food and of course booze for the BBQ and what a feast, expertly cooked by Andreas (Janitas Andreas) and Giánnis. It was a lovely afternoon in a beautiful setting with lovely people.

We sat out the big wind, torrential rain, thunder and lightning and once that was all over and the sea state had settled, we headed back to our Greek base - Leros.

Muse for this post: Once you've matured you will realise that sailing is more important than proving a point. You get to meet so many wonderful people, many go on to become life long friends.

Nisos Lipsi

13 November 2022
Jane Paulson
Postcard from Lipsi. Wish you were here???
This is the view from Giànnis farm. What a place to live.

Nisos Lipsi

13 November 2022
Jane Paulson
Stiletto on the quay. During the summer it is very busy but now it was quiet and we were able to moor up alongside.

Nisos Lipsi

13 November 2022
Jane Paulson
Janita and me. It was so good to see her and Andreas again.

Nisos Lipsi

13 November 2022
Jane Paulson
The entrance to Giánnis farm complete with Greek flag.

Nisos Lipsi

13 November 2022
Jane Paulson
The perimeter fence of Giánnis farm is made up of bicycles. Dozens of them ! The whole place was like a reclamation yard. This is a man with vision and who makes something out of nothing. We loved it.
Vessel Name: Stiletto
Vessel Make/Model: Bavaria 33 Cruiser
Hailing Port: Gosport, UK
Crew: Andreas Giles & Jane Paulson
We have been sailing together for 15 years and have owned Stiletto for 13 of them. We have exhausted the Solent and the South Coast and all the other usual passages: West Country, France, Channel Islands etc. that are available from our home port of Gosport. [...]

One life, love it, live it!

Who: Andreas Giles & Jane Paulson
Port: Gosport, UK