Our Great Adventure

11 August 2010 | Yarmouth, Maine
30 June 2010 | Camden Harbor
29 June 2010 | Dix Island to Camden Yacht Club dock
28 June 2010 | Dix Island
27 June 2010 | Dix Island
26 June 2010 | Maple Juice Cove
25 June 2010 | Otis Cove (St. George River), ME
23 June 2010 | Linekin Bay/ Boothbay Harbor, ME
21 June 2010 | Cape Porpoise, ME
19 June 2010 | Marblehead
16 June 2010 | passage Onset- Marblehead, MA
14 June 2010 | Quissett, MA
11 June 2010 | Vineyard Haven & Edgartown
07 June 2010 | Newport, RI
06 June 2010 | Newport, RI
05 June 2010 | 41.5 N 71.3 W (Newport Harbor)
04 June 2010 | 125 miles south of Montauk
03 June 2010 | 35.7N 72.9W (approx. 150 miles ESE of Cape Henry)
02 June 2010 | 130 Miles East of Cape Fear

Final reflections

11 August 2010 | Yarmouth, Maine
the four of us
Our world is large. We experienced a bit of it.

Favorite Place:
Hannah- Dominica, Marie Galante, Martinique and Saba in the Caribbean
Man-O-War Cay, Big Majors and Black Point in the Bahamas
Hayden- Dominica, Saba and Farmer's Cay
Peter- Dominica for local culture, food and mountains
St. Pierre, Martinique for access to Mt. Pelee and great French
Exumas for water clarity, snorkeling, etc.
Christine- Dominica or Saba, but the Bahamas for R and R

Favorite Animal:
Hannah- green sea turtles and sargeant major reef fish
Hayden- all lizards
Peter- mahi leaping out of the water with their iradescent colors
Christine- sea turtles

I will never forget...
the time Dad lost the spear and the hogfish (Hayden)
sipping coffee and looking at/for turtles (Christine)
the sargeant majors mibbling on my fingers and touching sea turtle (Hannah)
hiking Mt. Pelee, spearing grouper with interested sharks, Hayden's tumble in the jungle on Nevis, sugar cane and agricole rhum in Marie Galante (Peter)

What is that smell?

30 June 2010 | Camden Harbor
I can not even count the times that one of us said, "Uggh, what is that smell?" when opening the fridge on the boat! We would then clean it out, look for the offending food/fish/veggie whatever...Towards the end of our adventure, there was a lingering odor that we couldn't locate. Even the cans (beer, soda) had taken on this smell...
Today, Peter emptied out the entire fridge. He found the super, incredibly smelly remains of some small grunt that Hayden had speared in a baggie (just one, not even double bagged!) Gross!

Camden Bound

29 June 2010 | Dix Island to Camden Yacht Club dock
Foggy motor back to Camden.
Packing up, cleaning up, preparing to move off our HOME.
Many feelings, mixed feelings.
Family and friends to see,
A boat for sale, a home for sale really.
Lots of work to make it all happen...
Land life, transitioning-
How will it go?

Last Day

28 June 2010 | Dix Island
foggy day
lazy day
last day on the boat
reading day
small project day
buy more lobster day
play cards day
reflect on this adventure day
watch the lobster boats day
listen to the ospreys day
watch the ducks duck day

The journey to Dix Island

27 June 2010 | Dix Island
What a day! It was a calm, chilly, quiet day as we motored up to Dix Island. The water, grey and flat, held no secrets. Any wake was instantly visible. Seaweed on the surface showed its bits of flotsam effortlessly. You could look out to sea for miles. Being at the helm enabled me to peruse these waters. It was the kind of day I call a "good day for whales."
As it turned out, it was a good day for seals too. I spotted the biggest bull seal I have ever seen. He was just off our port and did not spook as we neared.
Minutes later, I called out, "Whale!" A black fin had broken through the glassy waters to our starboard. We were treated to three more sightings of this long, black back and fin as the whale exhaled and took breaths before diving under again.
Once at Dix Island, we hiked and explored. High Island nearby has a huge granite pier. Fresh, local lobster was on the menu for dinner!

Visiting Altair's Homeport

26 June 2010 | Maple Juice Cove
Stolen Hour ventured up river today to the beautiful, peaceful waters that Rick and Julie of s/v Altair call home. It was a great day spent with friends- touring their lovely, craftsman style home in this picturesque spot! Sharing lunch and conversation, and last, but certainly not least, the WORLD CUP match...the US lost to Ghana in overtime!
Sunday morning we took a l-o-n-g dinghy tour in search of the house from Wyeth's painting "Christina's World." Once located, we made the short trek up the path/road to check it out.
Vessel Name: Stolen Hour
Vessel Make/Model: J/44
Hailing Port: Yarmouth, Maine
Crew: Peter, Christine, Hannah, & Hayden
About: Peter grew up sailing the waters of Penobscot Bay. Christine grew up day sailing on a lake in Texas. Blue water sailing came later. Hannah & Hayden have been sailing since they born. Cruising is a family passion!
This "great adventure" has been in the works for many years. Twenty years ago Peter did the Caribbean 1500 with friends. He then sailed with a family on their cruising adventure. From these experiences came the determination to one day "set sail for a year" with his own family. The question has [...]
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