The Adventure Continues...

18 March 2013 | Provo, TCI
11 February 2013 | Provo, Turks and Caicos
07 February 2013 | Landrail Point, Crooked Island
05 February 2013 | Long Cay, Bight of Acklins
22 January 2013 | Snug Corner, Acklins Island
14 January 2013 | Sand Dollar Beach, Georgetown, Bahamas
15 December 2012 | Emerald Bay, Exumas
07 December 2012 | Marina at Emerald Bay, Georgetown, Exumas
03 December 2012 | Warderick Wells, Exuma
26 November 2012 | 25 04.8'N:77 20.9'W
22 November 2012 | New River, Ft. LaLa
04 November 2012 | Ortega River, JAX, FL
25 July 2012 | Jacksonville, FL
19 July 2012 | Jacksonville, FL
06 July 2012 | Ortega River Yacht Club
05 July 2012 | Ortega River Yacht Club
27 June 2012 | Ortega River, Jacksonville, FL
02 June 2012 | Titusville, FL
29 May 2012 | Vero Beach, Fl
25 May 2012 | Palm Beach Gardens, Fl

Let's Blow Something Up!

05 July 2012 | Ortega River Yacht Club
The best way to take your mind off the summer heat is to occupy yourself with a worthy project or two. Our chosen project is to re-do, re-novate, re-store and re-place the galley! The picture is of the galley as it is at the start of the project. It is nearly 26 years old and is, as they say, "a bit tired."

The guys from Huckins Yard are doing the de-construction and re-construction. We are very excited about having them do the work as they have an excellent reputation and we have seen their work on our friend's Bruce and Gina's boat.

As we enter the demolition stage what we hope to accomplish is to:
1. replace the countertop with Corian
2. replace the sink and faucets with stainless steel
3. replace the face of the cabinets, doors and drawers with formica
4. enclose the watermaker in a removable cabinet
5. add a Corian spice rack behind the fridge door
6. add a Corian backsplash behind the sink and counter
7. cover the bulkhead near the stove with formica
8. replace all the hardware handles, pulls and hinges with stainless steel.

Stay tuned for more chaos!
Vessel Name: Straight from the Heart
Vessel Make/Model: Gulfstar Hirsh 45'
Hailing Port: Baltimore, MD
Crew: Maryann Timon & Don Mack
About: We purchased the 1987 Gulfstar in 2005 and have been upgrading her ever since. It hasn't been all work though, we managed to log in about 12,000 nm cruising the east coast, Maine and the Bahamas.
Extra: Additional crew: Velcro, the Prince of Barfness and our newest member, Kai the Bengal Kitten
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The crew and boat

Who: Maryann Timon & Don Mack
Port: Baltimore, MD