summertime goes south

Vessel Name: Summertime
Vessel Make/Model: Southerly 110
Hailing Port: Wootton Isle of Wight
Crew: Geoff & Linda Gray
About: We have owned and sailed Summertime since 2001. We have sailed around Ireland and to Scotland and many times to France. Now it is time for a big adventure through the French canals to the Mediterranean and beyond.
Extra: We are members of the Cruising Association, the Southerly Owners Association and the Island Sailing Club.
20 June 2018 | Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta
14 June 2018 | Marzamemi
03 June 2018 | Syracuse
17 May 2018 | Catania - Circolo Nautico
15 November 2017 | Marina dell'Etna, Riposta
23 September 2017 | Porto Dell'Etna, Riposto
22 September 2017 | Messina
21 September 2017 | Milazzo
21 September 2017 | Salina
17 September 2017 | Lipari, Isola Lipari
16 September 2017 | Porto di Ponente, Isola Vulcano, Aeolian Islands
09 September 2017 | Cefalu
11 August 2017 | Palermo
09 August 2017 | Castellmare di Golfo
09 August 2017 | San Vito Lo Capo
09 August 2017 | Terrasini, Sicily
30 July 2017 | Marina di Sant'Elmo, Cagliari
25 July 2017 | Marina di Villasimius
22 July 2017 | Porto Corallo
18 July 2017 | Arbatax
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20 June 2018 | Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta

Grand Harbour, Malta

19th June Marzamemi to Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta

14 June 2018 | Marzamemi

Marzamemi or bust

13th June: Syracuse to Marzamemi

03 June 2018 | Syracuse

How much history can you take?

31st May: Catania to Syracuse

17 May 2018 | Catania - Circolo Nautico

A New Year Begins

15th May 2018

15 November 2017 | Marina dell'Etna, Riposta

Winter Quarters

We found the marina at Riposto to be relatively new with good facilities and close to the town. The cost for overwintering is reasonable and we are close to Catania airport, so we decided to leave Summertime there for the winter. We will have to hope Etna stays quiet for the next 6 months as Riposto [...]

23 September 2017 | Porto Dell'Etna, Riposto

Volcanoes again

23rd Sept: Messina to Riposto

Coralla to Villasimius

25 July 2017 | Marina di Villasimius
Geoff/hot and sunny and gale force 9
23rd July
In contrast to the sail to Coralla, the wind turned through 180 degrees and we had a downwind trip with a following sea, on the way south towards Capo Carbonara. The area around the Cape is a nature reserve and we picked our way past the rocks and prohibited areas before turning west through the passage between the Cape and Isola dei Cavoli. We turned north to reach the Marina di Villasimius in the early afternoon. The marina contrasts with our recent stops with shops, restaurants and civilised facilities.
The anticipated Mistral arrived earlier and stronger than forecast. We are currently sitting in winds of well over 40 knots with lots of anxious boat owners checking lines, adding additional lines and trying to ensure their boats aren't damaged. I include myself in this description. The boats are moving around constantly in the wind and last night it was difficult to sleep. In the UK strong winds like this are associated with low pressure systems, cloud and rain. Here the weather is hot, there is not a cloud in the sky but the wind is vicious.
We are not far from the Aeolian Islands off northern Sicily. According to Greek myth, Aeolus, king of the winds, kept the winds imprisoned on the islands until ordered by Zeus to release them. Zeus has obviously ordered the release of the Aenomi, the Daemones of violent storm winds to vent his fury on us all. Or its a strong Mistral, take your pick!
Bored with the marina we took the local bus into Villasimius village to do some much needed shopping. The area is really one large holiday resort, full of modern apartment buildings and the village reflects this. There is little of interest so with the help of the Tourist Office we ordered a taxi back to the marina. Our taxi was not as expected, Italy is full of surprises as the picture shows!
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