Sunbow's Off Sailing

Chris White Designs Atlantic 46 MK2 Catamaran


Who: John Kremski & Sharon Del Bianco
Port: Fort Myers, FL
Since late 2007 we have been enjoying the cruising life aboard Sunbow, every day is an adventure. As always thanks to her builders & original owners, Ken & Judith, for creating such a fine cruising boat.
09 January 2008 | Ensenada, Mexico
08 January 2008 | Ensenada, Mexico
07 January 2008 | Ensenada, Mexico
06 January 2008 | Ensenada, Mexico
05 January 2008 | Ensenada, Mexico
04 January 2008 | Ensenada, Mexico
03 January 2008 | Ensenada, Mexico
02 January 2008 | Ensenada, Mexico
01 January 2008 | Ensenada, Mexico
31 December 2007 | Ensenada, Mexico
30 December 2007 | Ensenada, Mexico
29 December 2007 | Ensenada, Mexico
28 December 2007 | Ensenada, Mexico
27 December 2007 | Ensenada, Mexico
26 December 2007 | Ensenada, Mexico
25 December 2007 | Ensenada, Mexico
24 December 2007 | Ensenada, Mexico
23 December 2007 | Ensenada, Mexico
22 December 2007 | Ensenada, Mexico
21 December 2007 | Ensenada, Mexico

Friday- Ocracoke, is it a Vegetable?

10 August 2012 | USA; NC, Oriental to Ocracoke
Mostly cloudy, warm, moderate to fresh breeze, variable
Passed through a few rainstorms, one with lightning very near, but mostly had a nice albeit wet sail. The new props continue to please and we almost motored ahead of one squall, doing 9.8 with 3000rpm. Ocracoke is the only outer banks barrier island that is not accessible by vehicle so it has kept much of it´s beach town style. Our son thought the name sounded like a vegetable, I think he´s right but it also must be good for you. Lots of rain during our stay here, remnants of tropical storm Ernesto. But Saturday we did get a chance to wander through town and check out the shops and Sunday John put on some fuel via several trips to shore with the jury jugs as the fuel dock was too short for us to belly up to.

Wednesday- 3rd Time Seems to be a Charm

08 August 2012 | USA; NC, Jarrett Bay to Oriental
Total cloud cover, warm, no wind
Ended up replacing a shaft that had been put in new in Guatemala 8 months ago, maybe bent slightly during installation, and new props. Went from Max props to Gori brand and a new pitch. Great power and no vibration, yeah! Also, had some wood panels done for the interior steering station and some wood patch done on the net rail for the tramp. All in all a successful haul but as usual longer than expected. Out of dry dock and onto to Oriental, NC. Just after leaving the yard ww had to pas under our first non-opening 65´high bridge, the captain was very nervous as we are near as we can figure 64´-6¨ with the windex! But it was low tide and all was good, not even a clicking from the antennas bending underneath. Oriental, NC is a very friendly town, everyone tried to be as helpful as possible making it a great stop. We did however elect to pull up to the dock because the anchorage wsa quite crowded so the expense kept our stay brief. Had lunch at M&M´s cafe, a local´s favorite and very good. Took our second day of stay to go grocery shopping and do laundry, the usual chores.

Monday- 3rd Haul in 12 Months!

23 July 2012 | USA; NC, Beaufort to Jarrett Bay Boat Yard
Mostly sunny, very warm, light, ENE
Moved up to the boat yard to get the vibration and power issues dealt with once and for all hopefully. This has been a nagging problem since we bought the boat and now with the strong currents in tight channels it has become a safety issue. The boat architect seems to think it´s the brand of propeller currently installed and has made some alternate recommendations so we´ll see.

Wednesday- Arrive Beaufort, NC

18 July 2012 | USA; SC, Charleston to NC, Beaufort
Mostly sunny, very warm, light, ENE
Found an anchor spot in the crowded harbor after entering the cut with an almost submerged breakwater just outside the channel, mades us glad we had waited until first light to come in! Town was quite nice and we spent a few days exploring while checking into getting hauled at Jarret Bay Boat Yard just north of here to address a nagging starboard engine vibration and prop power issue. Beaufort has a very nice maritime museum that we spent several hours going through leisurely Sunday afternoon only to come out to some of the nastiest looking rain clouds we had ever seen making us quite rushed to get back to the boat before the deluge.

Monday- Pummeling from Flying Fish

16 July 2012 | USA; SC, Charleston to NC, Beaufort
Mostly sunny then some high clouds, very warm, light to moderate air, ENE
The engines got some assistance from the main and genoa sails most of the first day but the current stil slowed our speed over ground by almost a knot during the day then switched around and gave us a boost from behind at night. Slowed ourselves the second afternoon so as not to arrive in the middle of the night, the current was not as strong once we passed Cape Fear. Even had to turn aorund and motor into the seas and wind for about an hour which is never pleasant. Got pummeled with flying fish throughout the night, fish scales all over the deck.
Vessel Name: Sunbow
Vessel Make/Model: Chris White Design Atlantic 46 LR Catamaran
Hailing Port: Fort Myers, FL
Crew: John Kremski & Sharon Del Bianco
Although mid-westerners by birth we call the southwest gulf coast of Florida our "home port". John has been sailing since he was six while Sharon is a novice by comparision with only 17 years behind a boat wheel. [...]
Extra: We started cruising full time in November of 2007. It was a rough start with lots of adjustments but after about 2 years we got our "sea legs" for the lifestyle. It´s hard now to imagine any other home than being in Sunbow on the water.


Who: John Kremski & Sharon Del Bianco
Port: Fort Myers, FL
Since late 2007 we have been enjoying the cruising life aboard Sunbow, every day is an adventure. As always thanks to her builders & original owners, Ken & Judith, for creating such a fine cruising boat.
The definition of a "sunbow" is ...... a rainbow-like display of colors resulting from refraction of sunlight through a spray of water...rainbow, moonbow & sunbow!