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01 December 2013 | Vero Beach Florida
03 October 2013 | Florida coast
14 September 2013 | Hollywood===still
29 May 2013 | Loggerhead Marina, Hollywood Fl
22 May 2013 | Lake Worth, North Palm Beach Florida
09 May 2013 | Nassau Bahamas
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Stuck in Velcro Beach

01 December 2013 | Vero Beach Florida
Dennis/ Liquid Sunshine
Pam says I need to update the blog. So here it tizz.......
We've been in Vero Beach (Velcro Beach) for about a month now. Enjoyed the Vero Beach City Marina's mooring ball and marina services very much.
They have a bus system (free) that will get you just about anywhere you need and if that doesn't work there are taxi's that are very reasonable.
We've gotten some work done on the boat, that has been put off for the past year for all the "necessary" repairs first.
I have the netting all around the boat now, to keep the dogs on board. Complete with gates for the humans.
I finally pulled down the "screacher" sail (for light air sailing) and found it is in need of repair. Seems like the UV protector didn't do it's job. Will find someone to repair some areas and also sew on a better UV strip that will protect it while it's furled and up.
Mostly we've been "hangin out". Life on the mooring ball is simple. Seems like the days streak by with nice weather and a couple sporadic showers here and there. I got some bottom cleaning done (mowing my grass), some generator maintenance done (paying the electric bill), cleaning the dingy and filling the gas can (washing the car and filling her up), along with the normal stuff we all have to go thru, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and showers. Seems like we've just got a different type of life, but not much.
I've been trying to catch some fish,,,,,,,,,,,,,such luck,,,,,,,,,,,,still, I drag a lure to and from the shore when I "poop the dogs". Broke the pole today when I actually had a "hit",,,,,,,,,,,but it was a small pole...........and "no fish"......what's up with that???
I've met some of the "local" cruisers here in the marina. They are a few guys living with their wives on boats, year around in this marina. A couple are single, but looking..............go figger.............The dogs and I have a "sit down chat" with them just about every evening. They are an interesting bunch, to say the least.
As I'm writing this, I've had the generator charging the batteries for quite some time. We've used various things like the water heater, microwave, but mostly just charging the batteries. With not much wind and very little sun power, I just thought to charge them completely with the charger. Soooo, what happens?? The generator makes some unusual speed variations, (you get used to it's sound) and I check things out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wha-laa...........the charger has a "fault".....usually due to a fluxation in voltage....shut it all down and find out what's going on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..just one of the "fun" parts of cruising.............
I pulled out the fuses, both fine, and will put them back in after things settle down. Then re-start the generator and "cross the ole finners".......just another "part of life" the AC goes out on your home, and you have to call the repair guy to fix it........
Out here, I'm the "fix it guy".........this time,,,,,,,,,,,we'll worry bout it in the morning, got enough "juice" to keep us goin for the night.
Now don't let me lead you down the path that this is a tough life. Far beyond the truth. Most of the time I'm reading my kindle, and Pam is watching her satellite TV or playing word games on the phone. The big exciting times is when our "life cycle" is interrupted with some odd thing like "dolphins on the hunt", or "watch this guy try to pick up the mooring", or looking outside to find out "who made that WAKE that made our world jump". The dogs keep us busy too, barking at the "dingy that came close", or the dogs on the boat 200' away "howling" for his human servants to come home.
Pam had a tooth break on a Friday, a molar decided to loose a big chunk. So it wasn't until Wednesday for her appointment. We took the bus to get to the appointment, on time. But they made a mistake and we had to come back on Thursday. He patched the tooth with a huge filling, but it's not right yet. It's still sensitive.
We've been lucky that we haven't had to share our mooring bouy. When this place filled up, they stacked the boats 2 and 3 to one ball. Here we sit in the middle of the field, all alone.
I'm finding myself here at 8:45pm writing this blog, trying to remember what we've done in the last month, that would be mildly interesting to ya'll. Really can't come up with that much..............such a boring life, but such a "good" life...............You know what? I haven't been stuck in a traffic jam for over 4 months.........and that one I didn't have to be anywhere quick. We have alot to be thankful for, and sometimes forget all the hassles that we haven't had to deal with. Dealing with "life needs" is the biggie of our days.
We'll have the truck and MC when we get to Marathon later this month.
We'll leave here in a few days to head south to warmer weather and cleaner water. Probably spend about two weeks making it down with the fickled weather and all
One thing we haven't had is the closeness of family and friends. Not having the ability to drive over and say HI is "really hard to deal with". We also have the dogs, which we can't just leave on the boat so we can "fly off to visit".
Family and Friends, very important parts of your life you don't really appreciate, "until their far away".
We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner, in form of a "cruiser's potluck dinner" sponsored yearly by a group called CLOD's (cruisers living on dirt). There is a place in a park about an half mile down the road, or down the channel, that we dingy'ed to. Prolly about 80 people attending, bringing every form of food available for "munching" on. Door prizes (no wins) from various businesses and cruisers were giving out. And to my surprise, "lots of talkin and eating by all..................
Happy "POST" Thanksgivings Day to all our friends and family,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Wish we could be there with ya'll...............
Dennis & Pam,,,,,,,,,,,and the Chi Gang

On the HOOK again

03 October 2013 | Florida coast
Dennis/Nice weather, watchin for storms
We've left the marina about 2 weeks ago,,,,,,,,,,,,,whoopeee...........
The weather has been unsettled, so we're taking the intercoastal highway north, first we anchored in Lake Sylvia, then Middle River (both in Fort Lauderdale), and at this time we're in Boca Raton Lake.

Lake Sylvia is a nice small lake type place with big time current runnin thru, tide in and tide out. The Port Everglades outlet is just south of it, so it's close to the action. The lake is surrounded by expensive type houses, usually called mansions. So I had to find a place to take the dogs, and found it at a church by a bridge where I could park the dingy. Nice place for the dogs,,,,,,,,,,

We finally saw a "pod" of Manatees when we left Lake Sylvia. What a sight, swimming and frolicking like a bunch of dolphins. I didn't know they could swim so fast, thought they were always just "floatin" around.

We had a full tank of "you know what", and needed to pump out. Needed some fuel and some water too. So we went to Ft Lauderdale Marina to take care of our needs before traveling some more. Took a short trip to the next anchorage, a couple miles north.

Middle River is exactly what it sounds like. Ya park your boat in the middle of the river that feeds into the intercoastal waterway. There is a park up the river a bit, so you can park the dingy securely and get to all kinds of places, I walked for food, walked for booze, walked for everything.......but the dogs had a kewl beach to poop on.

And were also able to have breakfast and spend time with Pami's BFF Teresa and Joey......lifted her spirits a bunch!

The invertor burned up when I tried a "unusual" way to hook it up to the 120v fault, won't do that with the new one. Bought a new invertor from West Marine, hooked it up and we're all set again.

The generator gave us some overheating problems, which I figgered out to be "too much insulation" in the areas that obstructed the airflow inside. It's an air cooled engine and gen assy, but has a saltwater radiator inside to cool the air........go figger that one out.

We have a good friend here in Boca Raton, JR. He loaned his suv to us so we could run around and spend some $$$s on things needed. Finally bought a fishing license for Florida saltwater. I'll see if it lets me catch something else than catfish or barracuda...........think it'll work??

This is a nice anchorage, fairly shallow water and most of the boats traveling around are putting out "smaller" wakes..............I have a good place to take the dogs for a "poop", and there is another friend with a dock we can park the dingy while we explore "life on the hard". Don't miss the traffic a bit, but driving is pretty kewl.

Lots of jellyfish here tho. Seem to be about 1' in diameter, like a flying saucer shape with a purplish tinge, but short tentacles. Guess I'll be wearing a dive skin when I clean the scum off the bottom (mow the lawn) again.

We had a good trip up here from "Middle River". Only had to wait for a couple of the bridges, seven in all for the 14 miles. Plenty of mansions to look at. Lots of boats, but at least they weren't all cruising. Fairly quiet on the intercostal.

We are doing fine, the boat is doing great, and the dogs are shedding hair like crazy ( we're thinking on shaving them)haaaaa haaa

Next stop will be in Lake Worth. Been there before when we came back from the Bahamas. So we know the in's and out's of the places cruisers need, fuel, pump out, food, booze, and a poopin spot for the dogs........what else is there??.............oh yeah, parts for the boat.....there is a West Marine within walkin distance.
Ummmmm hot water and enuff water to shower says Pami......."I signed up for the boat with hot water and a shower" not a saltwater or coooold shower!!!"

Pic is of a young Manatee we saw at the marina.

Dennis & Pam and the Chi Gang
Moon Pearl

It's about time

14 September 2013 | Hollywood===still
Dennis/Bout time
Hangin out in Hollywood still. I've been trying to finish this and post it. Seems like every day I'm too tired to work on it, and I like to enjoy my mornings reading and not thinking..................two cups of coffee later, we get some breakfast together, and then I start workin on the boat when it's good and HOT.

It's been too long sence the last update of this blog, but we've done "no sailin" to tell ya'll about.

After we got back from the Bahamas, we took this slip in Loggerhead Marina, and have been collecting our "scientific data" on how much growth can get on a boat bottom. The experiment data is collecting fast now. Seems on the longer it's not disturbed, the larger the green growth gets and the bigger the
crustations grow.............go figger!!!!

I'll get after it soon, but hate to climb in this "marina water". The tide comes and goes, and sometimes it's actually clear enough to see a couple feet. But the affluent that is floating by is sometimes discustable. I've been workin on it slowley, and surly getting somewhere. A friend with an electric hooka setup is
letting me get the stuff real deep,,,,,,,,,,,18". Got some weights today so I don't have to hold myself underwater, seems like that takes alot of energy even tho I have unlimited air. I'm looking into "hooka's" as they may double into a "smoking" device too.........ha ha

We can go to Haulover Inlet and get into some shallow clean water, and that's what we probably need to do. It's a day trip, and a few bridges to pass under,
and I should get off my butt to get it done. But it's just going to continue on growing stuff on the bottom.

"Kinda like "mowing your yard"." But I need to learn to do it at least once a month.......if not sooner depending where we're at and what we're doin..........

There are plenty of worker bees that will clean bottoms for $2/ft, so it's a quick $70 bucks for a couple hours work. Three hours for an ole fart. So far, I'm working for $2/ft.

I'm lookin at setting up a "hooka" with a 40cu ft tank and putting a 50' hose to it. Would be simpler than running a machine, and possibly less maintenance.

You can go many ways to get air, put a tank on your back, tank in the boat or an intertube to float, 12volt air compressor, 110v. air compressor, or a gas engine running..........................tank on the boat seems a good choice, probably a 40 cu ft one.

The Generator is coming together at this time, getting the final pieces and parts to the enclosure to function right as the main "wind tunnel" so this "air
cooled" diesel engine will run without overheating. It's got an internal radiator with sea water pumped thru it, which in turn cools the air in the enclosure.

I pulled it out using an A-frame that I built out of 2x4s. A couple hours work and it was sitting on the deck. I had some help taking it off the boat and to the truck, four of us on a 8'- 2x4, with the generator hanging from the center area. Might just be the ticket for installing it back in the compartment, we'll see.

Pam has been fighting off the cold I gave her. I'm still not over it either. Just got alot of flem to get rid of. We've also been aware of "the smell" being back.

Uuuuuggggg!! Not sure what it is, but figuring it's the marina water that is the culprit. We didn't have the smell for a long time, and it showed back up when

the boat was closed up for the month we were in Texas. I've painted some areas with "kilz" and it's seemed to lessen those areas to smell of anykind. We"ve also gone into the AC unit to seal it completely from the bilge area, and clean the evaporator too. It's better now, but not gone. Some interest has been in the area above the centerboards, might be getting decaying organism smell from there.

The generator is in at this time. I've tested it for an hour without a hitch. Just a small seaping of diesel, probably from the "crap designed" fitting the Italians

We have a limited time to say here before the end of the month. Lots of work to be done too. I still need to put the new "yoke" on the outdrive, along with
a new boot for the joint area. It won't take too long to do this, but it'll take about three times more than I figger...............

The dogs need to see a vet, as their teeth need to be cleaned and pulled. We had Minnie done in Austin, now it seems that Peanut is getting some problems
and we might as well do Max at the same time. So need to find a Vet soon.............

Pam is having a birthday this weekend,,,,,,,,seems she might be turning 29 again.....................Happy Birthday woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, seems like I need to climb the mast, pull the outdrive, store the truck and motorcycle, and get the boat ready for the run up north,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
"Piece of Cake"
All our best, Pam and Dennis and the Chi gang
Moon Pearl, signing off for now................

Been up the mast twice, put in the outdrive's new parts, got the "hooka" rigged up for divin with a new 40cu ft tank, Peanut had her teeth cleaned and three pulled,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,$378............... Let's see,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it that all????

It's about time, we're about ready to go now. Finally done with all the projects and tryin to get our sh_t together to leave. Got to put the Harley in the truck,
get the dingy put together, get the boat's satellite dish to work instead of the one installed on the dock, hit the store for some food, stash all the stuff in
the right places, then GO...................

We'll head up to the outlet at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, we'll duck into an anchorage that's just a little north. Get to use the new Nav Lights and
Anchor lights I've installed on the mast, both LEDs........... Then we'll head out the next morning with good weather to sail to Lake Worth. Should be a day's
sail, hopefully without the motor...........

Don't know where we'll go from there, it's all in the wind..................
I'll keep ya'll posted better now that we've gotten all the work done and on the "high seas".
Dennis & Pam,,,,,,,,,,,,and the Chi gang
Moon Pearl

Full Circle

29 May 2013 | Loggerhead Marina, Hollywood Fl
Dennis/Rainin and workin
How long and how far?
We've come full circle as of today. Left Loggerhead Marina on Feb 16 , 2013, and just took the same slip in the same marina today May 26th. 2013. Go figger, 100 days and 520 nautical miles later..................
Ya gotta figger tho, It's not a very round circle................

It's "Bitter Sweet" to come back, as Pam said when we left Bimini.

We had pizza delivered to the boat tonight,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what's up with that?? fallin back into the convienence life that we've not had for at least 3 months.
We've learned alot since venturing out to the "big offshore" trip.
We've also met some great people, from some far off lands like Europe, Canada, South America, Columbia, and South Africa. The connection isn't talked about between us. But it's realized by both how adventurous life really is when someone says to you, "we're here"...where you been?............" Where's next"????? Some might be traveling to the next island, some staying in marinas for a while, and others are traveling 3000 miles to their home.........some after a year or more sailin round here and there. It's apparent that this life is a life of meeting other people, exploring dreams, and sharing their "tribulations and exhaltations"..........

Now the focus on our lives is what do we need to do now? We're going to be gettin the boat ready to leave it for a month or so. We're going back to Texas to visit family and friends. We're ready for a break, and besides, we need to get our "land sickness" under control..............

There is one thing we've learned this last day or two, never travel the intercoastal waterway on a holiday weekend.................I think we had more stressful day of cruising today, than any of the other day's we've been out and about. The power boaters were out in force, anything from a jet ski to the 60 footers throwing a 4' wake behind them. We did make a good run on some of the umpteen amount of bridges we went thru. The traffic on the roads across to the beach road (A1A) slowed the bridge openings so we got to them on time. After going thru one bridge, the bridge tender call us and said our dingy was sinking. It opened up a seam on the transom and filled it very fast. We pulled over to anchor and put it on the davits. What a rush......... We traveled 20 miles (Boca Raton to Hollywood) and went under at least 15 bridges..........seemed like more cause we had to wait for some openings up to 25 minutes too.......Total time for the trip was 6.5 hours, an average of 3 knots. Current, bridge waiting, and wakes were the time robbers. When we were moving, we went 5 to 6 knots.

The puppies were happy to be home, wanting to check out the beach..................lots of grass to sniff & poop on............don't forget the peeeing too..............They knew the place before they got off the of the first things I did when we got back all tied up and secure., was walk the

My truck needed a throwout bearing when we left, and our buddy JR in Boca Raton took it to his friend the mechanic for a "look see". I'll get it back tomorrow after a $950 clutch job.

We need to do lots of "stuff" on the boat before we leave for Texas, or after we return. Changing oil, repair/replace the alternator, getting parts and fixing
the generator, Repairing the dingy seam on the transom, ordering parts for the "outdrive" to get spares, replacing the VHF radio, climbing the mast to check or replace the VHF antenna, mount a dingy engine bracket somewhere on the boat, buy and install a new wind generator controller, remove the generator to re-engineer the generator space, mount the barbeque, and pickle the watermaker for the time we're in Texas. Is there more?? Probably alot, but some of it I can do on the water.

We're planning on a month in Texas visiting family and friends, then in another month when the boat is ready again, we're heading north twords the
Chesapeak. Don't know how far we will get, but we'll at least turn back well before the snow flies. Then we'll probably take the winter in the Keys................

Right now our thoughts are on Texas. It's been 9 months for me and a few less for Pam since we've been back. Not sure where we're staying yet, but we're gonna be on our way soon.
Ya'll ready for us again??

The picture is Minnie stearing the boat on the crossing, Grumpy (our autopilot) needed the rest. She may just take over his job..........

talk real soon, Dennis & Pam,,,,,,,,,,,,,and the 3 Pups from Moon Pearl.

We're BACK in the world

22 May 2013 | Lake Worth, North Palm Beach Florida
Dennis/Rainin and wonderful
We're BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Actually you might already know that if you got our SPOT in Lake Worth, North Palm Beach Florida.
We had a good crossing of the gulf stream. It was a confused sea, but from the rear of Moon Pearl mostly. We started out with wind from the south east, and traveling to the north west made us running most of the first half. Then a rain squal in front of us changed the wind out of the North, but we could still keep the sails full most of the time, but motorsailed the whole way. We made the Lake Worth inlet in the late afternoon, and it was a breeze getting in.
We sailed across in the company of 4 other sail boats. AliceMay (36' Endeavour cat), Second Chance (35' Pearson Yawl), FourWinds (42' sloop), and Anneteak (42' Whitby). We all met in Bimini, except for Ray of Second Chance we've been with sence leaving "No Name Harbor" in Florida in Feburary.
Our "auto pilot, Grumpy" kept shutting off all the way across. But I finally got it to work better with adjustments to the sensitivity and belt tension. I can't hear the alarm, out of my hearing range, and Pam would have to tell me "It's Beeping". Usually it was about 20 degrees off course at this time. Then back on course I would turn it to "auto" again for another few minutes.
Moon Pearl did great tho, cruising around 2k revs on the engine, sails up and pulling at 6 to 8 knots. I think we used about 6 gallons of fuel coming across. The miles traveled across from Bimini was about 80 miles from "Bimini Blue Water Marina" to the anchorage in the north part of Lake Worth where we're surrounded by mansions and condos, and a few multi million dollar yachts in the marinas.
We've been getting settled in here in this anchorage. There's always about 10 or more boats anchored out here, coming and going. Been here for 3 nights, and it's rainin like crazy yesterday and today. There's alot of frogs getting strangled..........
I've had more problems with the generator, but finally have gotten to the bottom of the problem. Discovered this in Bimini. The "fuel stop solinoid" is the culprit. I've been able to keep it goin by messin with the wire and terminal. This morning it's runnin fine (knock on wood). The solinoid is a sealed unit that is automatically energized to open the fuel flow. When it's messin up, it shuts off the fuel. sporratically on and off.
The dingy got a seam opened up in the transom. Flooded like crazy, but as it's an inflatable it wouldn't sink with the 6" of water inside it. I pulled it up on the bow of Moon Pearl yesterday and patched it with some Gorilla Tape. This will hold, hopefully, until I can get it up and dry out for a couple days. But until then we need it to get to shore for "puppy walks" and trips to the stores and resturaunts.
There is a real convienent sandy place to get to shore, beside a fixed bridge on "Jack Nicklaus" road that leads to "Federal 1 Highway" in a couple blocks. There is a Publix grocery store in walking distance, which is kewl.........and of course there is plenty of "grass" for the puppy needs. They love going to shore in the dingy, can't hardly keep them in the boat before it's beached. Max jumps out first, sometimes landing in the water, then Mini and Peanut are off like a shot when the boat touches the sand.
We're plannin on heading south to the Boca Raton area to find a dock or marina to leave the boat while we drive back to Austin for a visit. We're both looking forward to seeing family and friends, and plan to hang out for a month. After that we'll take the boat up the intercoastal to explore some East Coast scenery.
I've neglected to get this posted, it's a couple of days sence I wrote the last words. Life on the "hook" is pleasant and seems too fly by.
It's been raining off and of, but no big problems here. I've called a few friends and family, wonderful to talk without worrying about the $2/minute costs of international calls...........If you would like to talk, please call,,,,,,,,,,,we've got lots of time on our hands============no work, no time schedule, no where to be in retired on a boat is different. You just have to figger out how much power there is in the batteries, how much water is left in the tanks, is the "holding tank" getting full, will the generator start, what's the weather doin, we got the food we need, >>>>>>?????????????????
Sounds like a big deal, but it's not like the normal life on shore..............are the bills paid, what is the problem with the car, is my boss pissed cause I'm sick(of work), is the grass in need of mowing, -----------------just a little different problems,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we all got them.................
I'm gonna post this tonight, weather Pam checks the spelling or not. She's dozing at this time, and I've finally gotten another breath and decided to get this posted before another night goes by.
Planning on heading south tomorrow, depending on the weather. It's been rainin and squallin all over Florida, but not as nasty as Oklahoma or heart goes out to those people, but I often wonder.................(why would you live there?????)
I'm having our truck's throwout bearing and clutch repaired before we leave for Texas. It's been noisy, and I've decided it's better to get it fixed here than breaking down in Alabama.............go figger===========
We will probably put the boat in Loggerhead Marina for the time we leave. It's a great place, with a good group of people we already know. We survived there thru a couple close hurricaines, Issac and Sandy, and it's kinda like a hurricaine hole for safety.
We'll park the boat in Boca Raton and get the truck ready, and visit with Jim kuiken, Dave's brother, and maybe do some "ridin" on the ole harley...........(wonder if I remember how?) Looking forward to seeing him. He's been a great help with the truck, storing it while we were in the Bahamas, and now taking it to the mechanic's to get it fixed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but I still have to pay the bill-------------------what's up with that?????
Our day tomorrow will start with coffee, hopefully the generator will run---------------, then we'll take the pups on the morning poop run on the beach, after that we'll "up anchor" and start the run down the "intercoastal highway". First stop will be in a marina a mile down to "pump the holding tank", then off to the trip down the highway thru (or under) about twelve bridges that have to open for us. Some of them will be on a time schedule so we may have to wait up to a half hour for the opening if we miss it. If you think about it, that's about 6 hours of waiting if our timing is off..............go figger!!!!!!! Hopefully it won't be that long for waiting.
We're figgering on getting to Boca Raton in a day, about 30 miles or so. But if we don't we always have an someones multimillion dollar home...........
So I'll close this tonight, editing from Pam or not...............
Back in the ole USA is great, goood to be home............
Dennis & Pam on Moon Pearl,,,,,,,,,,,,and the 3 pups....................say "see ya'll soon"

Times Up

09 May 2013 | Nassau Bahamas
Dennis/ Do we gotta go??
We're finally going to leave Nassau. It's been a good time here, lots of good people to meet, and unfortunately we're going to leave them behind too.

Friday morning is the time of departure, if the weather looks good that is. This morning we woke up to thunder, and the weather didn't say anything about storms yesterday................what's up with that????

We got over to Antlantis the other day, to look at their aquarium and do some gambling.
Expecting to have to pay the "visitors pass" to see the aquarium and walk the hotel's property was on our list, but unexpectedly adverted. The taxi driver took us to the main hotel entrance and we just walked in. We got to go all over the place, and under the water too. They have such a kewl aquarium with tons of fish and a huge manta ray. In another area we went thru the underwater glass tunnel, and saw lots of sharks including sawfish sharks about 8' long. Eventually we ate and then gambled, and as usual Pam was the only one that came out ahead of the game. She did on the "poker" slots, while I played the other slots and lost my butt.

The boat is ready, and so are we. The generator is fixed, air leak at the fuel filter was the culprit. The vhf seems to be working better as I took out an antenne splitter between it and the am/fm radio. I didn't really want to go up the mast, cause it's really lumpy in this marina and my right shoulder is still hurtin from a muscle pull.

I cleaned the bottom of the boat the other day, took 3 hours with one break. There was plenty of scum plus thousands of itsy bitsy crustiations like the start of barnicals. I've got a sience experiment going down there. One hull I cleaned with a brush which didn't get the small barnicals off...........and the other hull I used a squeegy which seemed to get all of them off. I'm not going to clean the stb hull until I get to Bimini to see how much they grow. Then see if the squeegy will work on them.

Roy and Carol on Moonshadow are coming over to the Bahamas. Funny thing is we're headed to Bimini the same day they will make the crossing from Ft Lauderdale. It's gonna be kewl to meet them there. We want to stay in Bimini a couple days to enjoy the last fling in the Bahamas. Take in some sights, swim in the ultra blue waters, find some more conch, and add some more $$$s to their economy.........

I'm thinkin I'll miss Nassau, which I've come to enjoy so much. Too bad their marinas are subject to the traffic in the main channel. Don't think anyone cares about their wake they produce, even the jet skies zoom in and out of the fuel dock located about 100' from us. We get some huge surges thru the marina that shakes out teeth.

One wierd thing that's happened to us is our sea legs. When we're on land, things seems to move in strange ways..............what's up with that???? I think it's called "land sickenss", and it'll go away after awhile.............

Our buddy Ray, on Second Chance is still with us. He's heading back with us to Bimini, and will eventually find his way back to Massachusets. He's still singlehandling his Pearson 35' yawl, as Lynn never came back to join up. Our other friends on Lattitudes, Linda and Noel, have all but dissapeared. They were traveling just ahead of us when we had to turn back with the "broken boat". We didn't have communication with them, so they hopefully continued to Georgetown. We've been looking for them to come back thru here, Nassau, but haven't had any contact. Sad to say we didn't even know any contact info, but someday we'll meet up with them, somewhere.....

We've stocked up today with all the essentials, food, booze, and cigarettes. So I'm thinkin we're ready for the "tongue of the ocean", headed to Chub Cay tomorrow night.

Then the next day to do the "tip of the tongue" and on the the "banks". Remember? That's where 3000' depths meet 12' fun fun to be had.......After 70 miles or so we'll be getting to Cat Cay for the next night. It'll be a long day run but should be able to do it in daylight this time of year. 5 knots adverage speed, 70 nautical miles equals 12 hours............go figger............early risin to raise the anchor is in the plan.

Pam usually ready my bloggin for spellin and other stuff, but tonight I'm going to post this without her input as she's crashed out. So yer just gonna have to get by with my usual "jargin"....

Pic is of Pam lookin thru our "LOOKIE BUCKET". Such a kewl invention, wish I'd thought of it..........

I'll send a "spot" location as we leave Nassau, then another one when we're safely anchored in the Berry Islands

somewhere near or at Chub Cay.
Ya'll take care now,
Dennis & Pam, with the puppy crew on Moon Pearl
Vessel Name: Moon Pearl
Vessel Make/Model: Gemini 105MC Catamaran
Hailing Port: Hollywood, Florida
Crew: Dennis & Pam, Minnie, Max, and Peanut
About: Minnie, Max, and Peanut are the security Chaiwauwaus.
Extra: We're 100% liveaboards now, wanting to cruise the US coastlines, Bahamas, and Caribean.
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Who: Dennis & Pam, Minnie, Max, and Peanut
Port: Hollywood, Florida