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Bimini is a kewl place

26 February 2013 | Bahamas
Dennis/ Great water
I don't think I've seen deeper/prettier/cleaner water than in the Islands.
This place is so kewl, you can see " the bottom of the water" quoted from Martha, s/v Cool Change............
Pam and I haven't done much, except eat/sleep/and get Pam on her feet once more. She's finally feeling human again, but after a week or more of that flu bug, she's really worn down and weak. So we take short walks to the various places to eat lunch or breakfast. Then it's back to the boat for recovery,,,,,,,,,,,
We've seen a few fishy things going around under the boat, spotted rays about 3' wing span, a star fish about 12" acoss, and a shadow that looked sharky,,,,,,,,,,,????
I took Pam on a dingy ride yesteday, was a windy day, but not much chop on the water when we left,,,,,,,,,,,,,we explored north Bimini by the two marinas up there, found a sailboat in the 30' range sank, not too long ago. It's not been stripped yet, so the "mic 8" sitting by it may be trying to get it up......
The way back was wet, seeing the wind was now in our face..........choppy seas sent spray off the dingy and soaked us both pretty good, not good for the girl, cause of the low tollerance cause of the I was in the doghouse for a bit,,,,,,,,,,,,but she forgives me for being an idiot...........ha ha
Today she's feelin much better, actually taking a couple walks.......maybe tomorrow we'll hit the west beach and do some swimmin. It's such a clean beach with such blue water you can't imagine............
Gary and Martha from s/v Cool Change are suppost to be here around noon. They are on their way back to the states aft a couple months enjoying paradise. Wonder what their thinkin,,,,,,,,,,,,why leave?????But each to their own for their needs...........i.e. pizza, hamburgers, chinese buffett, etc...???
There's a biggie cold front coming in tomorrow afternoon, so they should be here until it's over................then they will sail west, and we'll sail east........
The "no see'ems" are eatin me up............don't even feel them bite.
We've put the netting over the complete cockpit tonight, see what that does for protection...........
The crossing wasen't bad at all, the wind got to 12 knots, from a good sailing angle, but we continued with sails up and engine purring along...........until it ran outta fuel in the one tank,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so switch tanks and hope she starts,,,,,,,,which she did. I check it out, and we'd only make 3.8 knots without the engine, and 6.2 knots with both,,,,,,,,,,,,so we continued with both. Got to Bimini in 9 hours..............not bad for a novice crew,,,,,,,,,,?????
Funny thing tho, not one dolfin was spotted, not one massive fish fight either,,,,,,,,,,,where's the dofins.......???? maybe it's out of season.......
We trolled a fishing pole all the way, tried a few different luers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and not a bit all day...............what's amatter with them fish????
We're in Bimini Blue Water Marina, cost it less than you would pay for a hotel room at $1/per ft per day, and $10 a day for electricity,,,,,,,,,,,,,but water is 60c per/ I'm makein water with our watermaker at 6 gallons an hour, with the electricity they supply,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,better deal for us....ha ha
The people of Bimini are so friendly, and kewl people. They all have smiles and say "hi or good morning" to ya........I so much hope that it doesn't change when the casino is runnin and lots of torristas come in to corrupt the place....They already have a Catamaran cruise ship coming over here for a $50 both way price. Not sure how many time a month they run, but it'll get all the gamblin soals who want to, to come spend their monies in Bimini.........
We haven't taken any pics of the place yet, so can't attatch any..........
Hope ya'll enjoy the blog, and I've not bored ya too much,,,,,,,,,,,,,
It's a salty world, and new to us, and we'll try to bring it to ya'll with these bit's of wisdom,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ha ha
May this find ya'll, healthy, wealthy, and wise........
Dennis & Pam S/V Moon Pearl
Vessel Name: Moon Pearl
Vessel Make/Model: Gemini 105MC Catamaran
Hailing Port: Hollywood, Florida
Crew: Dennis & Pam, Minnie, Max, and Peanut
About: Minnie, Max, and Peanut are the security Chaiwauwaus.
Extra: We're 100% liveaboards now, wanting to cruise the US coastlines, Bahamas, and Caribean.
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Who: Dennis & Pam, Minnie, Max, and Peanut
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