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01 December 2013 | Vero Beach Florida
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22 May 2013 | Lake Worth, North Palm Beach Florida
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Weather Windows

04 March 2013 | Bimini
Dennis/finally warm again
We be still here in Bimini,
No weather windows to talk about, another small one day window tues/wed. But not long enough for safety.
We want to see a complete day of "good stuff", then a couple days after that don't look like hurricane Sandy startin up............
It's a drag spendin money on this marina, thinking it's a great deal at $1/ft/day. plus electricity of $10/day..............that's $44/day for me, and I could have a slip in an expensive Florida marina for half the cost, for a monthly fee.
We'll probably go anchor out while the south wind is comin in, then go back to the marina here for the blast from MR NORTHERNER>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Life in paradise isn't cheap,,,,,,,,but it's KEWL to be here...........
Gary and Martha sailed in the other day, from a marathon run from the middle of the Exumas to Bimini in 30 hours..............kick butt!!!!! But they are old salts, weather driven, happy to sail thru so they didn't have to hang around for a nasty NORTHENER to slow them down. They just sailed thru a couple nights to get to Bimini. Now they get to relax here when the NASTY Northener came thru.
There are 3 boats leaving for Florida tomorrow morning, and 4 more heading to Nassau tomorrow morning. This marina will be empty for a time, until the next flash of boats land from the next weather windows.........Funny how time is contingent of "weather windows" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Can I make some money on that one???? Lemme seeee???!!!!!
You might wonder why we're not sailing east with those guys......Mainly cause of the "window" timing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,tooooo short..............Ya live and die because of your decisions,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and we've made this one to stay here until we have a better "weather window"............
These people on the boats leaving are in a "timing crunch". A couple of them have been waiting for the right window for a month...........A couple of the boats just made it here, and have a "time line" they want to fullfil..........

Pam and I are on our own timeline, and don't need to "go" until the time is right. We've got a nice place to visit, nice friends to enjoy, new friends coming soon, and "weather windows" to contemplate.

May this find ya'll healthy, wealthy, and kewl..............
Dennis & Pam,,,,,,,,,,,,and pups on Moon Pearl
Vessel Name: Moon Pearl
Vessel Make/Model: Gemini 105MC Catamaran
Hailing Port: Hollywood, Florida
Crew: Dennis & Pam, Minnie, Max, and Peanut
About: Minnie, Max, and Peanut are the security Chaiwauwaus.
Extra: We're 100% liveaboards now, wanting to cruise the US coastlines, Bahamas, and Caribean.
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Who: Dennis & Pam, Minnie, Max, and Peanut
Port: Hollywood, Florida