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We're almost done

01 May 2013 | Nassau Bahamas
Dennis/Great weather, but storms coming
This is well past time to have posted. I'm sorry I haven't written prior to this, but I tried to post a few days ago and lost my writing to cyberspace.

Pam, I and the pups, are doin fine, alive and well in Nassau still. I've just about completed the final repairs to the outdrive, just some adjustment on the lockdown linkage to make things right.
I still need to see to the generator, which is now running but still has a fuel problem. Hopefully it'll be a couple hours work to fix,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we'll see about that, ha ha
I'll climb the mast in the next day or two to find out the condition of the antenna on the top. We haven't been having very good VHF radio transmission since Bimini, so figgerin it's possibly some corrosion on the hardest part to get to. If that isn't the case, I'll replace the radio with another that I have for a spare. I also bought a new handheld, after the soaking in saltwater that ruined the new one I bought in Florida.

Our month in this marina is up on the 10th of May, so we'll hopefully/probably be done by then and sail north to Chub Cay or Fraizer Hog Cay. Then we'll have to tackle the "tongue" again, but this time in a more friendly direction-----west.........
After the tongue it'll be a day or so on the "banks" which should land us in the Bimini area, maybe south at Cat Cay. We'll spend time at Bimini waiting for the best crossing of the "gulf stream" to Florida.
Our loyal friend on "Second Chance" is still with us. Ray is single handling his 35' Pearson Yawl since his crew "jumped ship" in Bimini and hasn't come back. We'll be traveling with him on the way back to Florida, and then he'll head north to his homeland in Massachussets.
Our time here is spent watching movies and working on the boat. Time flies in paradise,,,,,,,,,,,,,we'll spend some time, after working on the boat, for ourselves...... taking in the sights here, we will be going to Atlantis and gambling, taking a ride in a big "glass bottom boat", and visiting some "happy hours" and good "restaurants".........
It's quite frustrating that we never really got to see the Exumas to the fullest, wanting to make it to Georgetown and all. But it's always another trip next winter to do. Maybe the boat will treat us better after a better "shakedown" time. I really feel we left on this cruise too soon before we knew more about the boat and the mechanical systems. There are plenty of things on the list to get worked out.
We've met many fine people while here in Nassau. The people of this island are wonderful, We've never met an unfriendly face. It's hard to explain, but everyone is responsive with a "good morning" or "gooday".
We've also met many cruisers coming and going while here. Every day there is another new boat in the marina. They are either on their way into the Bahamas, or on their way back to the states.
We met this couple on a 40' wooden yawl, from Croatia. They sailed here across the Atlantic last summer, spent time in the Carribian and Cuba. They left this week for home, and will go to Burmuda and the Azores before getting into the Mediterainean.

Nassau has changed quite a bit from the last time I was here. It's basically a "boom" town, with wifi and cable tv, and just about anything is available if you look for it. I've been searching for parts and pieces for the boat, and been able to find them, even if it's a bit "pricy". There is a Dominos Pizza/Dairy Queen within walking distance, grocery store, booze shops, hardware and retail stores,,,,,,,,,quite civilized I might say,,,,,,,,ha ha
I've been reading about Nassau in the Pirate novels, on my Kindle. This place has quite the history, and used to be a Pirate haven so long ago.

We've been buying fresh fish off the local fishing boats at our marina. They come in with Mahi Mahi,Tuna and Waahoo, which all are very tasty and fresh to say the least.
I bought a "hand line" and have been trying to catch something off the dock. I actually "hooked" a 4' Tarpon the other day. It was an exciting 30 seconds while he was jumping out of the water 15' away from me...............and finally broke the line. I haven't "landed" a fish with this hand line yet, but have had some "almost" times............someday!!!!???
The Tarpon, Bullsharks, Baracuda and stingrays are plentiful when the fishing boats are cleaning their catch of the day. They are very active and fun to watch, eating the scraps thrown over to them.
Moon Pearl will be sailin soon, heading back to the states.
I'll try to keep ya'll posted better...........
The flic is of the outdrive, all fixed, sitting in the sling ready to lower into position...............all is working good now.
Generator is the next project, haven't much time before the 10th, end of the month in Nassau. Gotta climb the mast too............but that's the next blog............

Captain Tye, Admiral Pam and the crew of pups on "Moon Pearl",,,,,,,,,,,miss ya'll.
Until next time, "may the force be with ya"
Vessel Name: Moon Pearl
Vessel Make/Model: Gemini 105MC Catamaran
Hailing Port: Hollywood, Florida
Crew: Dennis & Pam, Minnie, Max, and Peanut
About: Minnie, Max, and Peanut are the security Chaiwauwaus.
Extra: We're 100% liveaboards now, wanting to cruise the US coastlines, Bahamas, and Caribean.
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Who: Dennis & Pam, Minnie, Max, and Peanut
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