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Times Up

09 May 2013 | Nassau Bahamas
Dennis/ Do we gotta go??
We're finally going to leave Nassau. It's been a good time here, lots of good people to meet, and unfortunately we're going to leave them behind too.

Friday morning is the time of departure, if the weather looks good that is. This morning we woke up to thunder, and the weather didn't say anything about storms yesterday................what's up with that????

We got over to Antlantis the other day, to look at their aquarium and do some gambling.
Expecting to have to pay the "visitors pass" to see the aquarium and walk the hotel's property was on our list, but unexpectedly adverted. The taxi driver took us to the main hotel entrance and we just walked in. We got to go all over the place, and under the water too. They have such a kewl aquarium with tons of fish and a huge manta ray. In another area we went thru the underwater glass tunnel, and saw lots of sharks including sawfish sharks about 8' long. Eventually we ate and then gambled, and as usual Pam was the only one that came out ahead of the game. She did on the "poker" slots, while I played the other slots and lost my butt.

The boat is ready, and so are we. The generator is fixed, air leak at the fuel filter was the culprit. The vhf seems to be working better as I took out an antenne splitter between it and the am/fm radio. I didn't really want to go up the mast, cause it's really lumpy in this marina and my right shoulder is still hurtin from a muscle pull.

I cleaned the bottom of the boat the other day, took 3 hours with one break. There was plenty of scum plus thousands of itsy bitsy crustiations like the start of barnicals. I've got a sience experiment going down there. One hull I cleaned with a brush which didn't get the small barnicals off...........and the other hull I used a squeegy which seemed to get all of them off. I'm not going to clean the stb hull until I get to Bimini to see how much they grow. Then see if the squeegy will work on them.

Roy and Carol on Moonshadow are coming over to the Bahamas. Funny thing is we're headed to Bimini the same day they will make the crossing from Ft Lauderdale. It's gonna be kewl to meet them there. We want to stay in Bimini a couple days to enjoy the last fling in the Bahamas. Take in some sights, swim in the ultra blue waters, find some more conch, and add some more $$$s to their economy.........

I'm thinkin I'll miss Nassau, which I've come to enjoy so much. Too bad their marinas are subject to the traffic in the main channel. Don't think anyone cares about their wake they produce, even the jet skies zoom in and out of the fuel dock located about 100' from us. We get some huge surges thru the marina that shakes out teeth.

One wierd thing that's happened to us is our sea legs. When we're on land, things seems to move in strange ways..............what's up with that???? I think it's called "land sickenss", and it'll go away after awhile.............

Our buddy Ray, on Second Chance is still with us. He's heading back with us to Bimini, and will eventually find his way back to Massachusets. He's still singlehandling his Pearson 35' yawl, as Lynn never came back to join up. Our other friends on Lattitudes, Linda and Noel, have all but dissapeared. They were traveling just ahead of us when we had to turn back with the "broken boat". We didn't have communication with them, so they hopefully continued to Georgetown. We've been looking for them to come back thru here, Nassau, but haven't had any contact. Sad to say we didn't even know any contact info, but someday we'll meet up with them, somewhere.....

We've stocked up today with all the essentials, food, booze, and cigarettes. So I'm thinkin we're ready for the "tongue of the ocean", headed to Chub Cay tomorrow night.

Then the next day to do the "tip of the tongue" and on the the "banks". Remember? That's where 3000' depths meet 12' fun fun to be had.......After 70 miles or so we'll be getting to Cat Cay for the next night. It'll be a long day run but should be able to do it in daylight this time of year. 5 knots adverage speed, 70 nautical miles equals 12 hours............go figger............early risin to raise the anchor is in the plan.

Pam usually ready my bloggin for spellin and other stuff, but tonight I'm going to post this without her input as she's crashed out. So yer just gonna have to get by with my usual "jargin"....

Pic is of Pam lookin thru our "LOOKIE BUCKET". Such a kewl invention, wish I'd thought of it..........

I'll send a "spot" location as we leave Nassau, then another one when we're safely anchored in the Berry Islands

somewhere near or at Chub Cay.
Ya'll take care now,
Dennis & Pam, with the puppy crew on Moon Pearl
Vessel Name: Moon Pearl
Vessel Make/Model: Gemini 105MC Catamaran
Hailing Port: Hollywood, Florida
Crew: Dennis & Pam, Minnie, Max, and Peanut
About: Minnie, Max, and Peanut are the security Chaiwauwaus.
Extra: We're 100% liveaboards now, wanting to cruise the US coastlines, Bahamas, and Caribean.
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Who: Dennis & Pam, Minnie, Max, and Peanut
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