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We're BACK in the world

22 May 2013 | Lake Worth, North Palm Beach Florida
Dennis/Rainin and wonderful
We're BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Actually you might already know that if you got our SPOT in Lake Worth, North Palm Beach Florida.
We had a good crossing of the gulf stream. It was a confused sea, but from the rear of Moon Pearl mostly. We started out with wind from the south east, and traveling to the north west made us running most of the first half. Then a rain squal in front of us changed the wind out of the North, but we could still keep the sails full most of the time, but motorsailed the whole way. We made the Lake Worth inlet in the late afternoon, and it was a breeze getting in.
We sailed across in the company of 4 other sail boats. AliceMay (36' Endeavour cat), Second Chance (35' Pearson Yawl), FourWinds (42' sloop), and Anneteak (42' Whitby). We all met in Bimini, except for Ray of Second Chance we've been with sence leaving "No Name Harbor" in Florida in Feburary.
Our "auto pilot, Grumpy" kept shutting off all the way across. But I finally got it to work better with adjustments to the sensitivity and belt tension. I can't hear the alarm, out of my hearing range, and Pam would have to tell me "It's Beeping". Usually it was about 20 degrees off course at this time. Then back on course I would turn it to "auto" again for another few minutes.
Moon Pearl did great tho, cruising around 2k revs on the engine, sails up and pulling at 6 to 8 knots. I think we used about 6 gallons of fuel coming across. The miles traveled across from Bimini was about 80 miles from "Bimini Blue Water Marina" to the anchorage in the north part of Lake Worth where we're surrounded by mansions and condos, and a few multi million dollar yachts in the marinas.
We've been getting settled in here in this anchorage. There's always about 10 or more boats anchored out here, coming and going. Been here for 3 nights, and it's rainin like crazy yesterday and today. There's alot of frogs getting strangled..........
I've had more problems with the generator, but finally have gotten to the bottom of the problem. Discovered this in Bimini. The "fuel stop solinoid" is the culprit. I've been able to keep it goin by messin with the wire and terminal. This morning it's runnin fine (knock on wood). The solinoid is a sealed unit that is automatically energized to open the fuel flow. When it's messin up, it shuts off the fuel. sporratically on and off.
The dingy got a seam opened up in the transom. Flooded like crazy, but as it's an inflatable it wouldn't sink with the 6" of water inside it. I pulled it up on the bow of Moon Pearl yesterday and patched it with some Gorilla Tape. This will hold, hopefully, until I can get it up and dry out for a couple days. But until then we need it to get to shore for "puppy walks" and trips to the stores and resturaunts.
There is a real convienent sandy place to get to shore, beside a fixed bridge on "Jack Nicklaus" road that leads to "Federal 1 Highway" in a couple blocks. There is a Publix grocery store in walking distance, which is kewl.........and of course there is plenty of "grass" for the puppy needs. They love going to shore in the dingy, can't hardly keep them in the boat before it's beached. Max jumps out first, sometimes landing in the water, then Mini and Peanut are off like a shot when the boat touches the sand.
We're plannin on heading south to the Boca Raton area to find a dock or marina to leave the boat while we drive back to Austin for a visit. We're both looking forward to seeing family and friends, and plan to hang out for a month. After that we'll take the boat up the intercoastal to explore some East Coast scenery.
I've neglected to get this posted, it's a couple of days sence I wrote the last words. Life on the "hook" is pleasant and seems too fly by.
It's been raining off and of, but no big problems here. I've called a few friends and family, wonderful to talk without worrying about the $2/minute costs of international calls...........If you would like to talk, please call,,,,,,,,,,,we've got lots of time on our hands============no work, no time schedule, no where to be in retired on a boat is different. You just have to figger out how much power there is in the batteries, how much water is left in the tanks, is the "holding tank" getting full, will the generator start, what's the weather doin, we got the food we need, >>>>>>?????????????????
Sounds like a big deal, but it's not like the normal life on shore..............are the bills paid, what is the problem with the car, is my boss pissed cause I'm sick(of work), is the grass in need of mowing, -----------------just a little different problems,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we all got them.................
I'm gonna post this tonight, weather Pam checks the spelling or not. She's dozing at this time, and I've finally gotten another breath and decided to get this posted before another night goes by.
Planning on heading south tomorrow, depending on the weather. It's been rainin and squallin all over Florida, but not as nasty as Oklahoma or heart goes out to those people, but I often wonder.................(why would you live there?????)
I'm having our truck's throwout bearing and clutch repaired before we leave for Texas. It's been noisy, and I've decided it's better to get it fixed here than breaking down in Alabama.............go figger===========
We will probably put the boat in Loggerhead Marina for the time we leave. It's a great place, with a good group of people we already know. We survived there thru a couple close hurricaines, Issac and Sandy, and it's kinda like a hurricaine hole for safety.
We'll park the boat in Boca Raton and get the truck ready, and visit with Jim kuiken, Dave's brother, and maybe do some "ridin" on the ole harley...........(wonder if I remember how?) Looking forward to seeing him. He's been a great help with the truck, storing it while we were in the Bahamas, and now taking it to the mechanic's to get it fixed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but I still have to pay the bill-------------------what's up with that?????
Our day tomorrow will start with coffee, hopefully the generator will run---------------, then we'll take the pups on the morning poop run on the beach, after that we'll "up anchor" and start the run down the "intercoastal highway". First stop will be in a marina a mile down to "pump the holding tank", then off to the trip down the highway thru (or under) about twelve bridges that have to open for us. Some of them will be on a time schedule so we may have to wait up to a half hour for the opening if we miss it. If you think about it, that's about 6 hours of waiting if our timing is off..............go figger!!!!!!! Hopefully it won't be that long for waiting.
We're figgering on getting to Boca Raton in a day, about 30 miles or so. But if we don't we always have an someones multimillion dollar home...........
So I'll close this tonight, editing from Pam or not...............
Back in the ole USA is great, goood to be home............
Dennis & Pam on Moon Pearl,,,,,,,,,,,,and the 3 pups....................say "see ya'll soon"
Vessel Name: Moon Pearl
Vessel Make/Model: Gemini 105MC Catamaran
Hailing Port: Hollywood, Florida
Crew: Dennis & Pam, Minnie, Max, and Peanut
About: Minnie, Max, and Peanut are the security Chaiwauwaus.
Extra: We're 100% liveaboards now, wanting to cruise the US coastlines, Bahamas, and Caribean.
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Who: Dennis & Pam, Minnie, Max, and Peanut
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