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It's about time

14 September 2013 | Hollywood===still
Dennis/Bout time
Hangin out in Hollywood still. I've been trying to finish this and post it. Seems like every day I'm too tired to work on it, and I like to enjoy my mornings reading and not thinking..................two cups of coffee later, we get some breakfast together, and then I start workin on the boat when it's good and HOT.

It's been too long sence the last update of this blog, but we've done "no sailin" to tell ya'll about.

After we got back from the Bahamas, we took this slip in Loggerhead Marina, and have been collecting our "scientific data" on how much growth can get on a boat bottom. The experiment data is collecting fast now. Seems on the longer it's not disturbed, the larger the green growth gets and the bigger the
crustations grow.............go figger!!!!

I'll get after it soon, but hate to climb in this "marina water". The tide comes and goes, and sometimes it's actually clear enough to see a couple feet. But the affluent that is floating by is sometimes discustable. I've been workin on it slowley, and surly getting somewhere. A friend with an electric hooka setup is
letting me get the stuff real deep,,,,,,,,,,,18". Got some weights today so I don't have to hold myself underwater, seems like that takes alot of energy even tho I have unlimited air. I'm looking into "hooka's" as they may double into a "smoking" device too.........ha ha

We can go to Haulover Inlet and get into some shallow clean water, and that's what we probably need to do. It's a day trip, and a few bridges to pass under,
and I should get off my butt to get it done. But it's just going to continue on growing stuff on the bottom.

"Kinda like "mowing your yard"." But I need to learn to do it at least once a month.......if not sooner depending where we're at and what we're doin..........

There are plenty of worker bees that will clean bottoms for $2/ft, so it's a quick $70 bucks for a couple hours work. Three hours for an ole fart. So far, I'm working for $2/ft.

I'm lookin at setting up a "hooka" with a 40cu ft tank and putting a 50' hose to it. Would be simpler than running a machine, and possibly less maintenance.

You can go many ways to get air, put a tank on your back, tank in the boat or an intertube to float, 12volt air compressor, 110v. air compressor, or a gas engine running..........................tank on the boat seems a good choice, probably a 40 cu ft one.

The Generator is coming together at this time, getting the final pieces and parts to the enclosure to function right as the main "wind tunnel" so this "air
cooled" diesel engine will run without overheating. It's got an internal radiator with sea water pumped thru it, which in turn cools the air in the enclosure.

I pulled it out using an A-frame that I built out of 2x4s. A couple hours work and it was sitting on the deck. I had some help taking it off the boat and to the truck, four of us on a 8'- 2x4, with the generator hanging from the center area. Might just be the ticket for installing it back in the compartment, we'll see.

Pam has been fighting off the cold I gave her. I'm still not over it either. Just got alot of flem to get rid of. We've also been aware of "the smell" being back.

Uuuuuggggg!! Not sure what it is, but figuring it's the marina water that is the culprit. We didn't have the smell for a long time, and it showed back up when

the boat was closed up for the month we were in Texas. I've painted some areas with "kilz" and it's seemed to lessen those areas to smell of anykind. We"ve also gone into the AC unit to seal it completely from the bilge area, and clean the evaporator too. It's better now, but not gone. Some interest has been in the area above the centerboards, might be getting decaying organism smell from there.

The generator is in at this time. I've tested it for an hour without a hitch. Just a small seaping of diesel, probably from the "crap designed" fitting the Italians

We have a limited time to say here before the end of the month. Lots of work to be done too. I still need to put the new "yoke" on the outdrive, along with
a new boot for the joint area. It won't take too long to do this, but it'll take about three times more than I figger...............

The dogs need to see a vet, as their teeth need to be cleaned and pulled. We had Minnie done in Austin, now it seems that Peanut is getting some problems
and we might as well do Max at the same time. So need to find a Vet soon.............

Pam is having a birthday this weekend,,,,,,,,seems she might be turning 29 again.....................Happy Birthday woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, seems like I need to climb the mast, pull the outdrive, store the truck and motorcycle, and get the boat ready for the run up north,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
"Piece of Cake"
All our best, Pam and Dennis and the Chi gang
Moon Pearl, signing off for now................

Been up the mast twice, put in the outdrive's new parts, got the "hooka" rigged up for divin with a new 40cu ft tank, Peanut had her teeth cleaned and three pulled,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,$378............... Let's see,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it that all????

It's about time, we're about ready to go now. Finally done with all the projects and tryin to get our sh_t together to leave. Got to put the Harley in the truck,
get the dingy put together, get the boat's satellite dish to work instead of the one installed on the dock, hit the store for some food, stash all the stuff in
the right places, then GO...................

We'll head up to the outlet at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, we'll duck into an anchorage that's just a little north. Get to use the new Nav Lights and
Anchor lights I've installed on the mast, both LEDs........... Then we'll head out the next morning with good weather to sail to Lake Worth. Should be a day's
sail, hopefully without the motor...........

Don't know where we'll go from there, it's all in the wind..................
I'll keep ya'll posted better now that we've gotten all the work done and on the "high seas".
Dennis & Pam,,,,,,,,,,,,and the Chi gang
Moon Pearl
Vessel Name: Moon Pearl
Vessel Make/Model: Gemini 105MC Catamaran
Hailing Port: Hollywood, Florida
Crew: Dennis & Pam, Minnie, Max, and Peanut
About: Minnie, Max, and Peanut are the security Chaiwauwaus.
Extra: We're 100% liveaboards now, wanting to cruise the US coastlines, Bahamas, and Caribean.
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Who: Dennis & Pam, Minnie, Max, and Peanut
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