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01 December 2013 | Vero Beach Florida
03 October 2013 | Florida coast
14 September 2013 | Hollywood===still
29 May 2013 | Loggerhead Marina, Hollywood Fl
22 May 2013 | Lake Worth, North Palm Beach Florida
09 May 2013 | Nassau Bahamas
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On the HOOK again

03 October 2013 | Florida coast
Dennis/Nice weather, watchin for storms
We've left the marina about 2 weeks ago,,,,,,,,,,,,,whoopeee...........
The weather has been unsettled, so we're taking the intercoastal highway north, first we anchored in Lake Sylvia, then Middle River (both in Fort Lauderdale), and at this time we're in Boca Raton Lake.

Lake Sylvia is a nice small lake type place with big time current runnin thru, tide in and tide out. The Port Everglades outlet is just south of it, so it's close to the action. The lake is surrounded by expensive type houses, usually called mansions. So I had to find a place to take the dogs, and found it at a church by a bridge where I could park the dingy. Nice place for the dogs,,,,,,,,,,

We finally saw a "pod" of Manatees when we left Lake Sylvia. What a sight, swimming and frolicking like a bunch of dolphins. I didn't know they could swim so fast, thought they were always just "floatin" around.

We had a full tank of "you know what", and needed to pump out. Needed some fuel and some water too. So we went to Ft Lauderdale Marina to take care of our needs before traveling some more. Took a short trip to the next anchorage, a couple miles north.

Middle River is exactly what it sounds like. Ya park your boat in the middle of the river that feeds into the intercoastal waterway. There is a park up the river a bit, so you can park the dingy securely and get to all kinds of places, I walked for food, walked for booze, walked for everything.......but the dogs had a kewl beach to poop on.

And were also able to have breakfast and spend time with Pami's BFF Teresa and Joey......lifted her spirits a bunch!

The invertor burned up when I tried a "unusual" way to hook it up to the 120v fault, won't do that with the new one. Bought a new invertor from West Marine, hooked it up and we're all set again.

The generator gave us some overheating problems, which I figgered out to be "too much insulation" in the areas that obstructed the airflow inside. It's an air cooled engine and gen assy, but has a saltwater radiator inside to cool the air........go figger that one out.

We have a good friend here in Boca Raton, JR. He loaned his suv to us so we could run around and spend some $$$s on things needed. Finally bought a fishing license for Florida saltwater. I'll see if it lets me catch something else than catfish or barracuda...........think it'll work??

This is a nice anchorage, fairly shallow water and most of the boats traveling around are putting out "smaller" wakes..............I have a good place to take the dogs for a "poop", and there is another friend with a dock we can park the dingy while we explore "life on the hard". Don't miss the traffic a bit, but driving is pretty kewl.

Lots of jellyfish here tho. Seem to be about 1' in diameter, like a flying saucer shape with a purplish tinge, but short tentacles. Guess I'll be wearing a dive skin when I clean the scum off the bottom (mow the lawn) again.

We had a good trip up here from "Middle River". Only had to wait for a couple of the bridges, seven in all for the 14 miles. Plenty of mansions to look at. Lots of boats, but at least they weren't all cruising. Fairly quiet on the intercostal.

We are doing fine, the boat is doing great, and the dogs are shedding hair like crazy ( we're thinking on shaving them)haaaaa haaa

Next stop will be in Lake Worth. Been there before when we came back from the Bahamas. So we know the in's and out's of the places cruisers need, fuel, pump out, food, booze, and a poopin spot for the dogs........what else is there??.............oh yeah, parts for the boat.....there is a West Marine within walkin distance.
Ummmmm hot water and enuff water to shower says Pami......."I signed up for the boat with hot water and a shower" not a saltwater or coooold shower!!!"

Pic is of a young Manatee we saw at the marina.

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Vessel Name: Moon Pearl
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Crew: Dennis & Pam, Minnie, Max, and Peanut
About: Minnie, Max, and Peanut are the security Chaiwauwaus.
Extra: We're 100% liveaboards now, wanting to cruise the US coastlines, Bahamas, and Caribean.
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