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01 December 2013 | Vero Beach Florida
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Stuck in Velcro Beach

01 December 2013 | Vero Beach Florida
Dennis/ Liquid Sunshine
Pam says I need to update the blog. So here it tizz.......
We've been in Vero Beach (Velcro Beach) for about a month now. Enjoyed the Vero Beach City Marina's mooring ball and marina services very much.
They have a bus system (free) that will get you just about anywhere you need and if that doesn't work there are taxi's that are very reasonable.
We've gotten some work done on the boat, that has been put off for the past year for all the "necessary" repairs first.
I have the netting all around the boat now, to keep the dogs on board. Complete with gates for the humans.
I finally pulled down the "screacher" sail (for light air sailing) and found it is in need of repair. Seems like the UV protector didn't do it's job. Will find someone to repair some areas and also sew on a better UV strip that will protect it while it's furled and up.
Mostly we've been "hangin out". Life on the mooring ball is simple. Seems like the days streak by with nice weather and a couple sporadic showers here and there. I got some bottom cleaning done (mowing my grass), some generator maintenance done (paying the electric bill), cleaning the dingy and filling the gas can (washing the car and filling her up), along with the normal stuff we all have to go thru, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and showers. Seems like we've just got a different type of life, but not much.
I've been trying to catch some fish,,,,,,,,,,,,,such luck,,,,,,,,,,,,still, I drag a lure to and from the shore when I "poop the dogs". Broke the pole today when I actually had a "hit",,,,,,,,,,,but it was a small pole...........and "no fish"......what's up with that???
I've met some of the "local" cruisers here in the marina. They are a few guys living with their wives on boats, year around in this marina. A couple are single, but looking..............go figger.............The dogs and I have a "sit down chat" with them just about every evening. They are an interesting bunch, to say the least.
As I'm writing this, I've had the generator charging the batteries for quite some time. We've used various things like the water heater, microwave, but mostly just charging the batteries. With not much wind and very little sun power, I just thought to charge them completely with the charger. Soooo, what happens?? The generator makes some unusual speed variations, (you get used to it's sound) and I check things out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wha-laa...........the charger has a "fault".....usually due to a fluxation in voltage....shut it all down and find out what's going on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..just one of the "fun" parts of cruising.............
I pulled out the fuses, both fine, and will put them back in after things settle down. Then re-start the generator and "cross the ole finners".......just another "part of life" the AC goes out on your home, and you have to call the repair guy to fix it........
Out here, I'm the "fix it guy".........this time,,,,,,,,,,,we'll worry bout it in the morning, got enough "juice" to keep us goin for the night.
Now don't let me lead you down the path that this is a tough life. Far beyond the truth. Most of the time I'm reading my kindle, and Pam is watching her satellite TV or playing word games on the phone. The big exciting times is when our "life cycle" is interrupted with some odd thing like "dolphins on the hunt", or "watch this guy try to pick up the mooring", or looking outside to find out "who made that WAKE that made our world jump". The dogs keep us busy too, barking at the "dingy that came close", or the dogs on the boat 200' away "howling" for his human servants to come home.
Pam had a tooth break on a Friday, a molar decided to loose a big chunk. So it wasn't until Wednesday for her appointment. We took the bus to get to the appointment, on time. But they made a mistake and we had to come back on Thursday. He patched the tooth with a huge filling, but it's not right yet. It's still sensitive.
We've been lucky that we haven't had to share our mooring bouy. When this place filled up, they stacked the boats 2 and 3 to one ball. Here we sit in the middle of the field, all alone.
I'm finding myself here at 8:45pm writing this blog, trying to remember what we've done in the last month, that would be mildly interesting to ya'll. Really can't come up with that much..............such a boring life, but such a "good" life...............You know what? I haven't been stuck in a traffic jam for over 4 months.........and that one I didn't have to be anywhere quick. We have alot to be thankful for, and sometimes forget all the hassles that we haven't had to deal with. Dealing with "life needs" is the biggie of our days.
We'll have the truck and MC when we get to Marathon later this month.
We'll leave here in a few days to head south to warmer weather and cleaner water. Probably spend about two weeks making it down with the fickled weather and all
One thing we haven't had is the closeness of family and friends. Not having the ability to drive over and say HI is "really hard to deal with". We also have the dogs, which we can't just leave on the boat so we can "fly off to visit".
Family and Friends, very important parts of your life you don't really appreciate, "until their far away".
We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner, in form of a "cruiser's potluck dinner" sponsored yearly by a group called CLOD's (cruisers living on dirt). There is a place in a park about an half mile down the road, or down the channel, that we dingy'ed to. Prolly about 80 people attending, bringing every form of food available for "munching" on. Door prizes (no wins) from various businesses and cruisers were giving out. And to my surprise, "lots of talkin and eating by all..................
Happy "POST" Thanksgivings Day to all our friends and family,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Wish we could be there with ya'll...............
Dennis & Pam,,,,,,,,,,,and the Chi Gang
Vessel Name: Moon Pearl
Vessel Make/Model: Gemini 105MC Catamaran
Hailing Port: Hollywood, Florida
Crew: Dennis & Pam, Minnie, Max, and Peanut
About: Minnie, Max, and Peanut are the security Chaiwauwaus.
Extra: We're 100% liveaboards now, wanting to cruise the US coastlines, Bahamas, and Caribean.
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Who: Dennis & Pam, Minnie, Max, and Peanut
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