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I'm in Heaven!

31 January 2013 | Exuma Cays Sea and Land Park
Nina/ Dark and still, 7 pm
We've now been in the Bahamas for two weeks, and I am finally feeling the restful and relaxed feelings that I've been waiting for! As John and I dinghied around today, I said to him that I felt like we were on vacation! That probably sounds strange to those of you following our journey, as it may all have seemed like a vacation to you, but not so.

Since I last wrote, we spent two nights anchored in the bay just outside Chub Cay (pronounced "key"), and then moved on to Nassau for two days with Allure. While the time in Chub was very relaxing, our Nassau time was very list oriented and productive: provisioning, laundry, zinc changing (all of them!), supply buying, buying a Wi-Fi extender, etc. and so on. Oh yes, Deanna and I got pedicures, too! We left Nassau without really seeing it. Good thing we've been there before!

We had a lovely sail to Highbourne Cay in the Northern Exumas and spent two days there. This is where we said our goodbyes to Allure as they needed to "high-tail it" to pick up family in Georgetown. We decided to continue our meandering, as we don't need to be in Georgetown until Feb 12.

We've spent almost the last week in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, several days in Shroud Cay, a day on Hawksbill Cay and now three days at Warderick Wells. You MUST look up these places on Google Earth to get a glimpse of what we've been doing. These cays are so beautiful. Must be disappointing if you're a fisherman (which I'm not) as there's no fishing within the confines of the park. However, they have great hiking trails on the islands, with trails that lead through old coral, palmetto forests and mangrove swamps. Some of the trails are through tidal flats which require wading (and hopefully good timing with the tide!) The snorkeling has been good, too. The coral heads are smallish, but when you get out of the dinghy and put on the mask, WOW, the coral and the fish swimming around are amazing. Small, big, silver, colourful, it's all there! The beaches have confectioners' sugar type sand, and the skies have been blue as can be. Who could ask for more? Certainly not me! I feel like I'm in heaven.

There is only one glitch here, and it lies in the communications arena. Either there is phone or internet, but generally not both. The internet you get is not the swiftest, and is expensive. For example, my connection to post this blog was slow and spotty, yet cost $15 per day. Ouch! We need to learn how to be in touch less. Of course, the reason why communications are spotty is that we have been in fairly remote areas over the last week or so, which means that there won't be phones, internet, groceries or ice cream! I must say, though, that these sacrifices have been worth it!

Right now, the wind is unusually still, as we await a cold front, which we expect to come in tonight, followed by strong northerly winds (20-25KN) in its wake. We hope to visit Cambridge Cay tomorrow, then onto Sampson Cay, Staniel Cay, and finally Georgetown, as we arrive in time to pick up my brother and his wife. Can't wait!
Vessel Name: Sunkissed
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 40
Hailing Port: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Crew: John and Nina
About: John and Nina are leaving their home port of Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club for warmer climes.
Extra: Enjoy!
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Who: John and Nina
Port: Toronto, Ontario, Canada