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End Feb

07 March 2018 | cape town
Its been a slow 2 weeks…..and the welder is off sick again !

The bow thruster tube is almost all welded in, but not quite yet. Then they have to replace some of the stringers, form the leading edge outside, and cut / grind down the trailing edge, and then prime.

One or two other small rust holes were found altho they don’t seem ‘serious’ and have been dealt with.

The existing square hatch openings have had their corner fillets welded in so that the new hatches fit properly.

Other than the tube, all of the below waterline has received primer.

On deck, the hatch areas are being (re-)sanded, drilled, prepped and primed, prior to the finish coat going on.

The hatch wood trims have all had a 1st fix which allowed for the drilling of the deck plates. Any adjustments have been made to the timber frames to allow for camber etc.

The ‘joinery’ to the saloon has been primed. Andrew is not happy with one of the curved sections so some ‘remedial’ work is being done to that.

Most of the hatches and portlights have arrived - Vetus didn't have enough in stock so the balance is evidently on its way over…..

The big hold ups are :
the welding to the bowthruster. Once this is done, the joinery can commence in the forward cabin
the saloon joinery. Once this has been (re-)placed into position for final check, and then removed, the temporary floor can then be removed and the welders can come finish the fiddly bits in the ER
the portlights and hatches. The aft cabins cant be made watertight without these, so the joinery final fix cant start

No word yet on the shafts, nor the rig design……

Maybe next month will be better !

For images see ‘Favourites - End Feb’

Mid Feb

17 February 2018 | cape town
Mid Feb, hot as hell !

Progress seems to have slowed again. The welder is still booked off work. We plod along…..slowly…..

All the portholes have been cut. Hatches, and then portholes, internally and externally are being ground down and prepared for priming and a ‘strip’ of finish paint, all before receiving the hatch / portlight. Andrew does it in this manner so that the steel below the hatch / portlight is actually finished of properly thereby protecting the steel.
Portlights and hatches should arrive early next week.

The biggest ‘change’ form last visit is the great big bloody steel tube sticking out the bow !
Yes, the bow thruster tube is in process of installation. I dont envy the welders this one as it requires shaping steel to suit the hull shape & to allow for a smooth water deflection…..curves in many dimensions !!
Once they have the curves correct, the internal support structure is determined and the internal hole for the motor is marked. The tube is removed and cut, and the supports welded in place internally. Tube is reinstalled, checked that all lines up etc, and welded in place together with all hull structure removed for tube installation.
Externally, a ‘filler’ piece is welded to the forward section of the tube and hull, and faired off to create a smooth water flow over the bow thruster openings. Geez !

The saloon and galley furniture has been removed and ‘made’…..or at least all the hacking has been repaired….to make something that resembles furniture units according to the agreed layout. Filling, fairing and sanding to bring to an acceptable finish is continuing. Cutouts to seat lockers have been done.

The lockers have been placed to confirm they work. The supporting flanges have been made. Cutouts and supports for the hull structure have been made altho Andrew wants another layer of glassfibre before bonding onto the lockers.

Finishing of the below waterline is continuing. Fairing has been sanded and primer applied to most of the areas. Above waterline areas is dealt with as a separate section as it requires more care. Personally, if the above waterline is to the same as the below waterline, I would be very happy !

More discussion was had around detail. Primarily recess opportunities for ‘stuff’, handrail fixings, ‘bilge’ storage opportunities for wine……the important things : ))

The carpenter has started the saloon window frames. Andrew explained how it all fits together….to intricate to explain here, just - wow ! Hatch frames have been oiled ready for installation.

Exhaust thro-hull outlets have been made. Just need to mark the waterline to make sure they are installed correctly.

No news on the shafts yet……!

Completion date has also moved again. Now looking at end June…..we hope !

For images see "Favourites - Mid Feb"


05 February 2018 | hout bay
Last week of Jan, an interim meeting was held to further discuss the saloon / galley layout as 'something' was bothering.
Ok, we knew that the area was VERY tight.....under no circumstance are cats allowed to be swung in there. Period !

Transpires that there was just a slight lack of clarity / common understanding as to what would go where. Because of the limited size of the space, it was very strongly felt that the visual flow of the space must be maintained.
The biggest issue was the microwave as there was no space for a 'built in' unit which then meant that it would have to be a 'on counter' unit which would compromise the openness we were trying to create
A compromise was struck....or should we say a 'change' was made ! Cut a long storey, a new hole will be cut in the deck seat locker above the sink area, thereby allowing the microwave to be mounted in an cupboard above. The trade off is that we loose a seat locker above.

The 1st week of Feb, the majority of the dry fit galley and saloon units are in place, all suitably mutilated to accommodate the changes / so as to make things work. I am fairly happy with the layout.
Yes its very tight, and the only way around that is to loose something. That is not an option. Yes we did loose the 'left over' nav station space, and the curve of the galley cupboard at the bottom of the companion way may be a bit intrusive....but I am not overly concern with either outcome.
Once the last little bits of the dry fit were done, everything would be removed, the lockers would be fitted, and the ER fit would commence.

A discussion was had regarding taps, basins and showers. Altho there were originally some old fittings, it was decided that I would look into new mixers, shower rails and sinks....just in case we decide to get new.

The portholes were all marked out prior to cutting. A discussion was had to finalise the positions - for some whether they related to the sheerline or not, and others where they sat in relation to internal / external.

External sanding of suspect above waterline areas, as well as fairing of badly 'deformed' areas, was continuing.

The new seawater intakes had been cut. Unfortunately the welder had taken ill so this side of work was on a standstill.

Cutting of the bow thruster is an interesting process.
Instead of cutting the hull both sides - and then possibly finding an error in the markup, having to replate and reinstate the structure before trying again - a glass fibre mould of the hull was being taken from the outside. This would then be marked up, cut and 'patched' until 100% correct. This would then form the template off which the hull is marked and cut. A labourious long way of doing things, but probably the only way to ensure that when the hull and structure is cut, it is correct.

The 2 deck lockers have received stiffeners, painted etc, ready for installation. One of the holding tanks was being rebonded as it wasn't up to scratch.

The carpenter has adjusted the back of the cargo hold seats - it used to have a strange angled back almost 300mm wide. Andrew decided that he didn't like this so it has been adjusted. Suits us as it allows more space to the ships office area. Bottoms to these seat lockers were being installed so as to fix to the floor adequately, and to stop stuff ending up in the bilge.

The rudder had also been dropped. All good except for the top bearing. Andrew has some or other trick up his sleeve !

For images see 'Favourites - February'

January 2018

21 January 2018 | cape town
Mid January 2018

Some fairing has been done to the hull to reduce as much as possible of the weld repairs. Sanding of the hull has continued specifically at the waterline.

Welding has also continued.
The chain locker has been completed...or at least welded in. On deck, quite a few pinholes and deck rust was attended to. The caprail was receiving more repairs. The largest 'hot work' that still needs to be done is the cutting and welding in of the bow thruster tube.
Other than that its just a whole lot of finishing off / 'if Andrew isn't satisfied', and tacking structure for conduiting and piping.....

All the flooring other than the saloon, has been bonded to the boards. Once placed, they will receive mastic jointing before the final sand and seal.

The water tanks, genny and engines, with all mountings have been placed, and a temporary floor placed. All grey / black / holding tanks have been and are being joined / ground down. Total capacity approx 200 to 250 L per grey /black tank (2x), and approx 75 to 100 L for the holding tank (1x).
The below deck / side lockers templates are being prepared for glass fibre.

Painting of furniture backings are continuing. The forward cabin existing lockers have been removed. New partitioning and lockers are in process.

The galley furniture has been 'dry fitted'......basically units are cut up to suit the layout, before being removed and glassed into final units in the workshop. Obviously a discussion happened. A few changes from the design, but these are understandable. The biggest change from the design was the internal helm / nav area. Basically the nav area will be lost and the internal helm station will become a 'residual' space. Not 'ideal', but usable as a once in a blue moon space.

Shafts have been pulled......and they are stuffed it seems !
Andrew is going to take them for x-rays at which point we will decide whether we can salvage or not. One good thing is that they are currently 45mm dia. IF....and its a big IF.....the pitting isn't more than 2.5mm deep, we should be able to resize the existing shaft to 40mm dia. Yes we could go down to 38mm but 40 is a readily available standard size so.....!
We shall wait and see. Not sure were we will get the money from but.....!!

The rudder shaft still has to be pulled. Not overly concerned about this as it seems to be standard heavy gauge steel tube with flanges welded on.......but......

Something I forgot to mention in previous posts. The boat will now be a marconi rigged staysail schooner, as opposed to the gaff rigged.

Basically Andrew 'found' a set of alu masts and sails - all never used before - which was originally for a Barends Sea Trader, 45ft, approx 25T, I think !Cut a long story, we took a chance and purchased as it was a VERY good deal - for the same amount as we allowed for the 2 new steel mast. ....and we get a set of never been used sails, which we hadn't budgeted for now !
We just need to make sure that the rig meets our aesthetic and structural requirements !

Program seems to have moved a bit ! Last estimated completion was end March 2018. Now end April........

For images see Favourites 'January 2018'

......till end 2017

15 January 2018 | cape town
Haven't done any updates since early October. Not sure why but mid Nov to - well basically now - is gearing up / down for or from the holidays…..and true to form I have just been to damn lazy !

So, a very brief description of what has happened.

By mid October, the welds had been tested and rewelding had commenced. Andrew decided to test welds by means of vacuum instead of the ‘traditional’ colour test……ok…..!
I think that this showed up many more ‘holes’ but we are not complaining.

The tanks as well as the straps to secure these, had been placed. The aft cabin cupboards were still in progress, sanding and filling prior to painting. All the trim pieces had been stained. New wood had been ordered as required.

All the shower floors had been placed. The forward heads cupboard was being trimmed down to fit, while the toilet was placed for ‘1st fit’. A rather lengthy discussion was had about exactly it would be - I am rather large so there had to be ‘lots’ of space between the seat and the side wall !

It being an intermittent sunny day, the colours could be seen in both sun and shade….mmmm…..we will stick with the 70% gloss.

An initial discussion was held about the counter top finish. At this stage, we are looking at, ’what we think’, is the more versatile black / speckled finish.

Beginning November, rewelding was in full swing. Andrew had found another welder and things were moving along nicely. All the suspect welds / points, were ground open, rewelded and retested.

One engine was placed into the engine room so that floor heights could be determined. While in, the generator, tanks and hot water cylinder were placed. Areas of concern wrt access, heat etc was considered. This also allowed for the allocation of space for the grey / black water tanks.

The aft cabin cupboards were receiving the 1st coat of paint.
Doors were still being sanded and prepped for final finishing. New vanity cupboard doors were being manufactured to visually match existing.

All the portlights in the hull had been welded closed.
The tanks fixing points had been welded to the hull.

The windlass was stripped down, cleaned, tested and painted. All good !

Mid November, all the hull welds had been retested and ground down. All the portlights to the raised deck area had been cut out in preparation of the new ones.

Edging to the caprail / gunwale, where there was suspect areas, had been cut out in preparation of new. Old mooring bollard plates were being ground as flush to the deck as possible.
A discussion was had about the anchor bollard / post, specifically about its position and the odd angle of the ‘arms’….something will happen here. To be decided.

The cargo hold base floor had been made and was being prepped for final flooring. The flooring was being trimmed and prepped into panels, prior to laying on the floor base.

In the engine room, areas behind the tanks had been painted and the tanks secured.

The forward heads cupboard and toilet raised pedestal had been placed. The position of the toilet was under discussion again : ))

A new frame to the chain locker had been welded in and the area primed.
The aft cabin hull areas had also been painted.

By early December, all areas on the hull where work had been happening, had been primed. Sections of the gunwale where required had been replaced and primed.
Certain areas were being prepared for a light fairing to try blend in some of the welds.

The saloon / galley temporary mock up floor was laid and marked up for discussion. Position of furniture, angles etc were debated and agreement reached.

The cargo hold floor structure was being welded in place - heaven only knows how you didn't fall thro the floors previously as there was virtually no supporting structure ! After the cargo hold, was the galley / saloon structure…..which currently consists of 2x posts !

The vertical inlet for the seachest has been removed. The anchor locker / forward cabin has been painted and the floor to the new chain locker was in place prior to welding.

Aft heads cupboard was placed and the raised pedestal was under discussion. The templates for the aft grey / black tanks had been made.

The cargo hold flooring was in process of being ‘glued’ onto the base, with a Sika 2 part product, that looks like baby poo, and evidently sticks like snot !

For images see 'Favourites - October 2; November; December'

a 'short' history

13 January 2018 | cape town
Ever wondered what came before.......

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Vessel Name: chimbarazo
Vessel Make/Model: Dudley Dix Hout Bay 50 (Cargo version)
Hailing Port: currently Kraaifontien, South Africa
Crew: Giselle, Steve and Adam
About: Heres to hoping this time round goes well….
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