Sailing Sunnyside

Adventures from the crew of Sunnyside!

Lumpy Night - Great Sail to Green Turtle Cay

Woke up at 6 am after enduring a rough anchorage. Mark got weather and decided to plot our course to Green Turtle Cay, instead of Marsh Harbor to get relief from the rough conditions. To get to Marsh Harbor requires going onto the ocean and back onto the Bahama Banks. The weather prediction was too rough for us with highs winds. We sailed to Green Turtle Cay a couple of times and knew that the harbor was well protected, had good restaurants, marinas and walking trails to the beach.

Mark hauled anchor and I manned the helm. Then he hoisted the full genoa sail and we made excellent time with big wind behind us. Our speed was over 6 knots to 7, so we arrived by 11:30. Mark started off in a t-shirt and shorts. He added a foul weather jacket, then a sweatshirt too, plus a toque and blanket to keep him warm.

We were surprised that there were so few boats in White Sound area of Green Turtle Cay. We spotted at least 6 open mooring balls, but we chose to anchor. No other boats anchored. The two boats in our anchorage are on mooring balls.

We launched the dinghy and headed to the marina which is part of the Green Turtle Cay Inn. They took our trash bag and didn't charge us a fee. We enjoyed eating lunch at their restaurant. Then, Mark downloaded Google Maps of the island with their free internet and we set out to walk to the beach. We first walked to the beach at the end of the island and also across the island to the ocean side, to check out the conditions and it was rough. It was great to stretch our legs and get to walk on the beach.

My walking was difficult from too much sitting on the boat. On the final leg back to the marina, a couple who lives on the island stopped their golf cart and offered us a ride. That was so kind of them, and we accepted.

We started Starlink and made phone calls. Then Mark took a rest, but couldn't sleep. He started work on fixing the wind instrument. He checked all the connections and re-seated them. Hopefully, that solves it. We are head to wind on the anchor, so he wasn't sure.

I took a rest as well. And then it was Happy Hour with dinner to come. The wind is still gusting up to mid 20 knot range. It was definitely that speed out on the water with lots of movement on the water, but nice and flat in here. We are grateful for that. We are planning to sail to Marsh Harbor tomorrow. It just started raining., lightly, despite a lovely color in the sky.