Sailing Sunnyside

Adventures from the crew of Sunnyside!

Motor/Sailing to Little Harbour, Bahamas

We slept in and the Marsh Harbor water was flat calm. We waited for the wind to change directions from South to SW, before heading South. Mark hauled anchor and then as we motored out the channel, where he raised the main sail.

We added the jib sail and reached speeds to 7 knots, but we also ran the one engine. It took us 4 hours to get to Little Harbour. Going past the Inlets was rougher and it rained a few times. Our route weaved, so we had to furl the jib and then unfurl it several times. It was a challenge. We ate lunch onboard as we motor/sailed.

This was the most boats we ever saw on the water, from Marsh Harbour, Hope Town to Little Harbour. We launched the dinghy and motored in through rough seas from the wind on one side to the waves coming in through the Inlet into the Little Harbor channel. Mark found a dock with stairs and tied the dinghy. It was hot on land despite a high temperature of 72F. We visited Pete’s Bar and climbed down the wooden dock to the ocean. We could see the waves breaking on the rocks. We walked on the beach a short distance as we were sinking into the sand.

We walked up through the bar and there were several people enjoying their drinks. We toured the art gallery and walked around the beach area. By the time we got back to our dinghy we were exhausted. Mark drove us out the channel and the waves were behind us and not as big. Mark said the wind shifted to the East, which was not predicted.

Two of the catamarans anchored near us headed into the channel to pick up a mooring ball, as it was very calm there. Back onboard, Mark raised the dinghy into the davits. We are bouncing some and hoping for a break in the weather and a comfortable night’s stay at anchor.

It will be a long sail tomorrow to the Eleuthera Islands tomorrow.