Sailing Sunnyside

Adventures from the crew of Sunnyside!

Current Cut Settlement Exploration

We slept in a bit. Then, Mark checked engines and got the latest weather forecast on Starlink. It was the same as yesterday – 10-14 knots from the East all day and 12-16 overnight from the East.

Mark started one engine and hauled the anchor, while I drove. Our course was set for an anchorage on Eleurthera Island. It took 1.5 hours to motor/sail. Mark researched and found a write-up on the location to land our dinghy. Part of anchoring included Mark repairing the anchor bridle.

Mark replaced the drain plug as we lost the one that in the dinghy yesterday. We launched the dinghy and headed to the beach. It was high tide, so there was minimal beach. Mark tied our lock line through one of the jagged rock formations. He also set an anchor. We climbed up several layers of rock and located the street. Mark downloaded Google Maps, so we knew where the grocery store was located.

There were houses on the beach and along our walk. It took about 20 minutes to walk there. However, T&K Variety Store didn’t carry any fresh fruit or vegetables or bread. Mark noticed the freezer with ice cream sandwiches and tried to buy two of them with a $20 bill. The lady said she didn’t have small bills and couldn’t make change for us. Then, she told us to just take the two ice cream sandwiches. We appreciated her kindness. Mark put his back, and we shared mine, as I already started opening it. We walked a little further to a beach on the other side of the island.

We passed a few of the locals on our walk. They were very polite. Our walk was great exercise that we needed. It seemed much hotter as we returned to the dinghy. The water was a stunning color of turquoise. Our boat was anchored off the shore and looked stunning, too.

We dinghied further up the beach and checked out the beautiful houses and then back to Sunnyside. We hauled the dinghy. It was bright and sunny so our batteries were full and Mark started up the water maker. I cooked lunch. Mark had a rest. I started Starlink and we made phone calls.

We filled our water tank in 2.5 hours. Then Mark started a load of laundry with our sheets. It took two loads to get the sheets and other clothes washed. We hung them on the lifelines to dry. The sheet was pinned to the jib sheet line. It didn’t take long to dry.

We decided the sun was hot enough for me to get into the water. I stuck my feet in and found it was still too cold. Mark said to try, so I jumped in and it was bitterly cold, so I climbed out. Mark checked our anchor. We showered off and hung our wet things on the lifeline.

Mark got our small step ladder out of the front locker and did a partial repair on our sail cover that got damaged on the crossing from Little Harbour.

We had our anchorage all to ourselves all morning. Then, boat after boat showed up and joined us. We have 6 boats here. It changes by the hour.

Our day of rest turned into lots of boat projects, with still more to finalize – and not much rest.