Sailing Sunnyside

Adventures from the crew of Sunnyside!

Lumpy Ride to Hatchet Bay

It was nice and calm overnight and on this Leap Year Day morning. I enjoyed a morning call with a group of friends while Mark readied the boat. Mark hoisted the main sail before hauling the anchor. I got us on our route and we headed South to Governor’s Harbour.

However, the wind was on the nose and we motor/sailed with a steep short chop which made the ride uncomfortable. It was very reminiscent of the Caribbean Two Step. So, our plans changed and we selected Hatchet Bay, instead.

It was a tight cut on the entrance with a fully protected harbor inside. We chose a spot in 10 feet of water and dropped the anchor, until someone on shore yelled out that we were in the channel. So, Mark hauled the anchor and we moved to the other side of the harbor.

We were right in front of rock based hill and Mark was worried we were too close. I checked the distance which was 74 meters, over 200 feet – plenty of room.

I cooked lunch and Mark took a rest. Then we launched the dinghy and headed to shore. We found a public dock with a ladder and Mark dropped the dinghy anchor. There were supposed to be two places that rented vehicles in Hatchet Bay.

They couldn’t find the rental guy at the small grocery shop, so, we said we would try another one. We walked well over a mile in the hot sun to get there. They were happy to rent us a car for half a day.

The speed limit was 45 mph, and we were driving on the left side of the road, with several turns and up and down hills along the way. No one posted to slow down for speed bumps, but after the first one, Mark was paying attention.

Our first stop was the Glass Window. We anchored off it yesterday and today we drove over it and then stopped and walked back, climbing the rock path on the ocean side. It was a beautiful site, including yesterday’s anchorage that had three boats anchored for the night.

Then we drove back to Hatchet Bay and South to Governor’s Harbour. We found the airport, but didn’t find a gas station or grocery store. We turned around and drove down a street, where the locals gave us directions. We didn’t drive far enough. We eventually found a gas station and filled up. They said to go further another ten minutes to the grocery store. We found another gas station and a grocery store that had fresh bread, vegetables and fruits.

After buying the groceries, we drove around Governor’s Harbor with many bars and restaurants on the water. It was a beautiful area with the sun shining on the water in turquoise colors.

Mark dropped me at the dock with our bags and I waited for him to return the car and walk back. They offered to drive Mark back, which was nice. I spoke with a fellow cruise from Tallahassee, while I waited. I didn’t want to sit down, because I could see ants or other critters on the cement.

We dinghied back to Sunnyside and Mark noticed a Catalina that looked like our boat, Lady H. However, it was a smaller boat and no one was home, despite the cabin doors being open.

We returned and hoisted the dinghy in the davits. Then we enjoyed rice chips and cheese for a snack as we watched the sun set behind the hill. Posting this blog entry late. Tomorrow, we may head to the bottom of Eleuthera before crossing to the Exumas – of course it will be based on the weather predictions.