Sailing Sunnyside

Adventures from the crew of Sunnyside!

Rough Passage to Cape Eleuthera Marina

Woke up around 6am. Mark downloaded the latest weather forecast using Starlink and their prediction was poor. Mark said it would be better today as the wind will swing to the South tomorrow.

Mark did engine checks and prepped our departure. He started both engines. Then hauled anchor. He took the helm and motored through the Hatchet Bay Cut. The wind was 17 knots from the East.

We hoisted the main with one reef and added a reefed genoa sail and we were making 6-7 knots. It was short choppy waves which rocked Sunnyside. We sailed for the first two hours. Then it rained, the first time, and the wind shifted to our nose, so Mark started one engine.

It got progressively worse, with wind up to 30 knots and bigger seas. We bounced a lot and it rained more. At one point it felt like the wind died, only to change directions. It rained three different times on our sail.

We finally got a more gentle ride, when we changed directions into the Davis Channel. We motor/sailed. Mark hailed the Cape Eluethera Marina, but no one answered the call. Mark dropped the main just before entering their channel. We figured out where the fuel dock was located and Mark dock well with the dock master taking our bow line and Brett, a fellow sailor, taking our stern line.

We filled the one diesel tank with 10 gallons of fuel. Then we got a pump out on our holding tank, Mark asked if they had a slip available and they did. The wind was still blowing 20+knots for Mark to back us into the slip. I attached a line to the first piling and somehow the line came off, and the wind pushed to the other side of the slip. I was able to attach a line to that piling as Mark backed into the slip.

It was difficult at best with the strong wind pushing the bow around. Mark added three bumpers to keep us off the dock pilings. Once we had everything set, we walked up to the marina office and checked in.

We were both exhausted from our sailing. I cooked a late lunch. Then, we put on our swimsuits and walked over to the resort pool on Sunset Beach. We had it all to ourselves. Mark was able to get in the water and swim, but I could not as the water was too cold, especially with the breeze.

We went back to the boat and got our towels and headed to the showers. Afterwards, we walked the path out to the beach which was deemed Sunrise Beach. We passed resort rental buildings along the way. We walked back to Sunnyside, hung up our wet towels and started Starlink to make calls. The marina wifi was not working which they confirmed and said that all of the Bahamas service was down.

Mark watched the first Formula One qualifying for 2024 in Bahrain. Then we got ready and headed to the resort bar, which included a pizza food truck. We met several people staying at the marina. Thanks, Carey & Tom and Bret and Stephanie for our wonderful conversations.