Sailing Sunnyside

Adventures from the crew of Sunnyside!

Fast Sail from Allen's Cay to Nassau!

Our Allen’s Cay anchorage was a lumpy place. All the boats in the anchorage were rocking. The wind changed to the Northeast.

Mark hauled anchor around 7 am. We motored out a back entrance at the Northwest corner of the anchorage. It was a pretty tight Cut. We got onto our course after motoring through some shallow spots. I steered into the wind while Mark raised the main sail. Then, I motored back on course and Mark added the genoa sail.

The wind was from the Northeast and the forecast was 12-16 knots, but we were over 20 knots. Mark saw 22 knots on the gusts. There were large waves 4-5 feet pushing us on the starboard beam. We were making 6-8 knots and at one point I saw a speed over 9 knots. It was a fast sail and we made it to Athol Island by noon.

There were many boats on the water, mostly sailboats under sail. Mark chose to stop at Athol Island where we anchored. I heated up leftovers for lunch. Sunnyside was rocking, despite being protected by Athol Island.

Mark called Nassau Harbour Club Marina and checked to see if they had a slip available as we were reserved a slip for tomorrow. They confirmed that one slip was available.

Mark got the boat ready to dock with all the fenders and lines attached. We had to wait for a sailboat that came in for fuel. The slip we were assigned had a wide boat tied to the end dock and encroaching our slip, so they assigned us another. We could see four cruise ships docked on the other side of the main bridge to Paradise Island.

Mark did a great job getting us into the slip. There is more rocking here every time a tour boat went by with huge wakes. Once our boat was set, we headed to the marina office to check in. The marina docks were recently rebuilt with new pilings and decking.

It was surprising that the lady that checked us into the marina remembered us from years ago. She had a tv playing the sun eclipse show from all the different US states. Mark did a pin hole on a paper and we could see the partial eclipse here in Nassau.

We walked across the street to the shopping mall. We bought a few things at the hardware store and a couple things at the grocery store. Then, we both enjoyed ice cream at Dairy Queen. The grocery store is the biggest we have seen since being in the Bahamas. They were well stocked.

Our plan is to stay here for three nights, so we will get to see some of Nassau, including the Atlantis Casino!