Sailing Sunnyside

Adventures from the crew of Sunnyside!

Atlantis Casino Win!

We woke up at 7 am. It was rocking and rolling all night in this marina. Several boats left today. Mark checked the engines. He added more epoxy to the starboard engine heat exchanger.

We started a load of laundry and showered at the marina. It cost $3 per wash and dry. In-between, we returned to Sunnyside. We spoke with cruisers on the other boats. They seemed to be rocking more than us.

I washed the outside of all the windows to get the salt spray off. We walked back and collected the dry clothes and put them away. We went through all our provisions and we have lots more food to eat onboard.

The sun is shining with whispy clouds, but our solars are working well to charge our batteries. We got on Starlink and caught up on emails and made phone calls.

There was some excitement at the marina today. We heard a loud noise from a huge catamaran that was docking for fuel. There is a huge beautiful sailing vessel at the end of the dock. The loud noise was the catamaran hitting the aft end of the boat. Then again, when he left, we noticed the crew on the big boat was checking out the damage. There was a metal pole holding their flag and that is what this catamaran hit. We walked over and saw the crew working on the damaged boat and the aft railing was ripped in one place. The catamaran just motored away after his fueling.

After lunch, we took a taxi to the Atlantis Casino. Our driver was a true tour guide giving us lots of historical information about Nassau.

We had a bit of a walk to the casino through their shopping mall. There were few people gambling. The regular roulette had a minimum of $15, so we selected the automated roulette machine instead. We both played for quite a while. Mark doubled his money while I almost broke even.

We walked though the high-end stores but came to a guard and only hotel guests could go further. So, we only had access to a couple walks out areas. There were guards in those areas as well.

We walked back through the marina shops and across the street to another shopping area. However, most of the stores were closed. We only found one souvenir shop.

We tried to get a taxi there, but the lady driver was tied up waiting for her pickup, so she called someone else. He showed up fast. We headed back to the marina. We had coins to do another load of laundry, so we collected all our towels and started a wash.

There is a pizza place in the shopping mall. I think Mark has waited long enough to get a pizza. Once the clothes are dried, we will walk over. We are getting our walking exercise today.

The sun is shining with few clouds, so we have Starlink up and running. We talked about staying here for a third night, but it's too rough. We plan to leave around 9:30 am for a six hour sail to the Berry Islands.