Sailing Sunnyside

Adventures from the crew of Sunnyside!

A Restful Day at Bond Cay!

We had a long sleep last night as we were both exhausted after our long sail yesterday. There were huge winds overnight, but we were safe and protected behind Bond Cay. This island is owned by Shakira and Roger Waters. There are no buildings on the island.

I joined a group call at 8:30 am. Our Starlink was not working well and reconnected several times before I gave up.

Mark ran the water maker. We caught up on boat chores. The wind was high at just East of South this morning. The sun shone nicely on our solars. In the distance looking to the West, it appeared to be hazy.

Mark researched our next move, which will be tomorrow morning, to Comfort Cay, if the wind is from the North, or Cabbage Cay, if the wind is from the West or Guano Cay, which is in-between. These islands are all in the Berry Islands in the Bahamas.

We ate lunch at the cockpit table. The wind actually felt cool. We made a few phone calls. Then, Mark launched the dinghy and we headed to the beach. It was low tide. There was more rock than sand at the beach. Also, we noticed a huge amount of plastic items under the trees.

We took a long walk and got some exercise. The sun was actually really hot. I had my sun protector long-sleeved top on and I was sweating.

After our dinghy ride back to Sunnyside, we got into our swimsuits to check out some dark patches near the boat. However, it was all turtle grass with a few small fish and no coral. We swam back and it was tough to swim against the current and wind. However, we got our work out. We showered and took a nap.

Mark checked the weather and the wind increased to 22 knots from the Southeast. The boat is moving some, but the water is almost flat. We are happy for the lack of motion.