Sailing Sunnyside

Adventures from the crew of Sunnyside!

Two Blue Holes!

The wind settled overnight. We slept in. The wind was 11-12 knots from East of North and the forecast was for Northeast. We decided to move based on the wind. Mark hauled anchor and we headed North a few islands to Hoffmans Cay - blue hole! It was only 3 miles north of Comfort Cay.

I didn't realize that there was a blue hole on the Banks. Mark set our course for that blue hole first. As we motored, the depth was 9 feet on the Banks. We passed above the Blue Hole and the depth increased to 96 feet for 200 feet and then dropped to 9 feet.

Mark set the anchor and we got into our swimsuits and snorkel gear and swam to the Blue Hole.

This Blue Hole is somehow connected to the ocean, which is also interesting. There was grass on the bottom and then it turned into a sand ring that went down deep into the hole. I really couldn't see much. Mark dove down and took pictures. In one area, there was a large school of white fish, which must have made their home on the edge of the blue hole. Did I mention that the water was very cold getting in? There was a good breeze with small waves pushing us away from Sunnyside.

Mark did a couple of dives down and took pictures. It was definitely something we have never done before. I'm glad I got in the cold water.

While climbing onboard we heard a siren, but Mark said it was on the VHF radio. We are not sure what that was.

We hosed off with the shower on the back steps. After drying off, Mark hauled the anchor and we motored around the corner to Hoffmans Cay, anchoring just off the beach.

Our lunch was later today. It was bright and sunny with 14 knots of wind from Northeast. We made phone calls. Then, we changed back into swimsuits. Mark launched the dinghy. We took our snorkel gear and headed to the beach.

Mark found a great location and also figured out that the trail was close to a tree with a swing. We walked on the trail, but didn't think we should have sprayed for mosquitoes. They badgered us the whole walk until we got to the Blue Hole. We had been here years ago. The entrance area was just off a jagged edged rock cave.

The water in the Blue Hole didn't seem as cold. The sun reflected into the water. I could see the edges with green seaweed and foamy looking growth. We saw tiny fish when we first got in. Mark dove down and took pictures. We snorkeled around the entire hole.

Climbing up and down the rock edge was not the easiest. However, we were successful getting in and out of the Blue Hole. We walked the trail back, along with the mosquitoes. I saw a few good sized geckos and butterflies along the trail.

We took turns on the swing and then walked the rest of the beautiful beach. We dinghied back to Sunnyside and showered for the second time. Good thing we have a reverse osmosis water maker. Wind is now East of North 12-14 Knots.

We will move further North in the Berrys tomorrow.