Sailing Sunnyside

Adventures from the crew of Sunnyside!

A Restful Day, shopping at Cocoa Beach!

We didn’t wake up until 8:30 am today. I think we may have caught up on our missed sleep. The sun was shining so our batteries were charged. We turned on Starlink for a while. There was a light chop on the water, but we had a very comfortable and quiet night.

Mark was researching our next destination on the way North to Jacksonville. I caught up on emails and posts. We made a few phone calls.

Then, Mark launched the dinghy and we headed to shore. I wore a long-sleeved sweater, because the breeze is cold. Pt. Canaveral’s high temperature is only 79F. We got to see the huge pelicans diving for their meals. We also spotted a couple dolphins.

Mark secured the dinghy to a tree branch. Another couple came to shore with their dog and then got on their bicycle and cart and headed to town. Mark and I chatted with Matt, who was replacing a battery.

Charles, our Uber driver showed up in his Tesla car and drove us to the Publix Mall. The sun was shining and quite a lovely day. We had a great chat with our driver.

The first stop was to get Mark a hair cut. Then, we walked a couple blocks to the Atlantic Ocean in Cocoa Beach. There were lots of people on the beach – sitting under umbrellas, walking along the sandy edge or in the water. Mark stuck his foot in and said it was cold. I wore shoes and didn’t take them off to get in the water.

We walked along the beach to the Pier. It was not a fishing pier. There was a restaurant on the shore side and a bar at the end on the ocean – what a great view. The waves were large and crashing into the shore.

We walked back to the Publix mall and had lunch at the Salsa Mexican Restaurant. We both enjoyed our lunches. Then we walked around the mall to Publix. We picked up the groceries we needed. Then, we ordered a Uber ride back to the tiny beach off 528/A1A.

We took a route through the marina, we motored past in the harbor. I didn’t remember going this way on our earlier ride. It’s like we took the back roads. However, it didn’t go quite far enough to get to the location where we left our dinghy. So, we had a much longer ride.

We took a slow ride back to Sunnyside and observed several dolphins and birds on the water. I tried to take pictures of the dolphins, but none came our in my pictures.

We got back and started Starlink. We made more phone calls. Then, we decided we needed a rest. We were both sound asleep in minutes.

After I post this blog, we plan to wait for SpaceX to launch another Starlink satellite from Cape Canaveral. We have a good view from here. Matt suggested taking the dinghy a mile closer, but it may not be a set time of 5:30 pm and we could be bouncing around waiting, or watching comfortably from Sunnyside.

Tomorrow, we plan to motor North on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), as there is light wind on the ocean. Not sure how far we will get, but every day gets us closer to home.