Sailing Supernova

Living the dream!

Supernova - Week 3

Extreme heat, lazy days, goodbyes and back to Athens.

As I write this I sit alone in Alimos Marina, Athens where we arrived late on Monday. Stefanie has spent the week visiting her sister Veronica and family as I work through a list of boat jobs...

Continued voyage of Supernova - Week 2

Tuesday 4 June:

As I left last week we were on the Quay in Poros.

We arrived that lunchtime on the Quay doing a near perfect Med Mooring with our new headsets aptly called "Marriage Savers!" - being met by two kind people to...

The voyage of Supernova - Week 1

This is my first blog and I hope the style and language will improve as we go along so bear with me!! Anyway I hope you find some interest in this, if not I am sure the photos will do!

Week 1:

After spending two weeks with...