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08 January 2014 | Krk, Adriatic Sea, Croatia

Relaxing on a Yacht Charter in Krk

08 January 2014 | Krk, Adriatic Sea, Croatia
Dubravko Mrsic
After long and stressful ten months of working, my wife and I were in a desperate need of a quiet and relaxing vacation.
Since both of us love sailing, and each year we spend our holidays on a sailing boat, the plan for this vacation was the same.
Our main goal was to find peaceful and beautiful destination where we could enjoy each other´s company in peace and quiet, without loud crowds and with as little stress as possible.
We choose the island of Krk in Croatia, and we rented a sailing yacht from Croatia´s company SailingEurope.
The island of Krk is situated near the mainland and has been connected to it via two-arch concrete bridge. We anchored in Punat marina which is considered to be one of the most luxurious and famous marinas in the whole Adriatic. We approached it from the North, and since the weather was all dry and warm without any wind, the docking was real easy.
After docking on the island, our first on land stopping point was the town of Malinska, mainly because we wanted to see Malinska famous beach called Rajski Put. When we reached the beach we took a nice stroll along the shore, and afterwards we just laid under the worm sun and did nothing. Since the town is filled with restaurants that offer fresh fish and other seafood dishes, I just had to take my wife on a romantic dinner after a long day under the sun. I the morning we did a little diving, because the sea on Krk is generally warmer, which is perfect for exploring underwater and the mystery it holds.
Before our relaxation in Krk was over, we made time to check out the town of Krk, where we stopped at the Venetian castle, and toked some pictures. Afterwards, we continued to Vrbnik, or to be exact, Konoba Nada for their delicious smoked ham, cheese and homemade wine.
Overall, sailing back to the mainland, my wife and I came to conclusion that Krk really is an excellent destination for people who want to relax on their vacation, and worry about nothing. The island has definitely won as over.

Vessel Name: Hanse 430
Crew: Dubravko and Lidija
About: The crew is me and my wife, and we sail for fun and for hobby.
Extra: I created this blog so that i can share my sailing experiences and adventures with all of the other people who love sailing as much as me, and to connect with some Nautical lovers so that we can talk about the open sea and all of the beautiful sailing destinations.
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Who: Dubravko and Lidija