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13 January 2018 | Saint Kitts
05 January 2018 | Monserrat
25 November 2017 | Falmouth Harbor, Antigua
12 November 2017 | St. Lucia
04 November 2017 | Carriacou
23 October 2017 | Grenada
09 October 2017 | Monticello, NY
01 July 2017 | Monticello, NY
09 September 2016 | Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
16 August 2016 | Solomons, Maryland
14 July 2016 | Oxford, Maryland
01 July 2016 | Kilmarnock, Virginia
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13 June 2016 | Solomons, Maryland
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22 May 2016 | Solomons, Maryland

Saint Kitts

13 January 2018 | Saint Kitts
January 6-13, 2018

We left Antigua on 1/6/18 and headed west to Nevis. The east wind was behind us, so we had a downwind sail all the way. With the waves pushing us, it made for a somewhat rolly ride, and at times we were surfing down the waves doing 11 knots. We arrived at approximately 1:30 p.m., tied up to a mooring ball, and tried to go ashore by dinghy to check in with Customs and Immigration. Unfortunately, there was a big enough swell that made going ashore impossible, and the anchorage was not very comfortable, so we left for St. Kitts (only six miles away) and found a more protected spot to anchor for a few days. St. Kitts and Nevis are separate islands, but one country, so you can check in and out on either island.

The wind has been CRAZY all week, so we've stayed anchored in Ballast Bay, just outside of Christophe Marina, since then. We've taken advantage of their wi-fi and walked around the beautiful grounds of the Christophe Harbor development where they are building million dollar homes. We took a tour of the island with our friends on Kalunamoo, Pandora, and Star Shot. We visited Wingfield Estate with the remains of an old sugar mill and rum distillery; Romney Manor with their beautiful gardens and home of Caribelle Batik, where they dye fabrics using wax to make very colorful designs; and Black Rock with some amazing rock formations formed by the volcano. We've also hiked and snorkeled here in the bay.

There are thousands of monkeys on the island, originally brought here as pets many years ago. It's fun to see them running around in the wild, but they eat all the fruits that grow on the trees. Some people have them as pets and use them to make a few dollars from tourists who want their picture taken holding a monkey. They are very cute with their little diapers on.

Tomorrow, if the winds and seas calm a bit, we will be heading south, stopping at Montserrat again (45 miles), just as an overnight stop before continuing on to Guadalupe (38 miles). Back to the French islands and delicious baguettes and croissants. Can't wait!


05 January 2018 | Monserrat
Today we went on a tour of Monserrat. We took the ferry from St. John’s, Antigua, to Little Bay, Montserrat, which was a 70-minute ride.

Our tour guide, Winston, was fantastic and very informative. Monserrat is a very beautiful island that is so lush and green on one side and barren on the other where the volcano buried homes with ash and completely ruined the capital of Plymouth. The Soufriere Hills volcano first erupted in 1995, and there have been other eruptions since then. It is still considered an active volcano, you can see and smell the sulphur emitting from the volcano, so the government hasn’t allowed people to return to their homes that they had to abandon. We also visited the Montserrat Springs Hotel, which was completely covered in ash. There were adding machines and ledger books still on the reception desk, and the pool was filled with ash and overgrown with weeds. It must have been a beautiful hotel at one time.

The ferry back to Antigua was a horrible ride, pounding into the wind and waves. Very happy to be back on our boat and went straight to bed.

Catching Up Again

25 November 2017 | Falmouth Harbor, Antigua
November 14-18, 2017

We stopped in Martinique for the night, but left in the morning. We plan to spend some more time here later in the season, but the Salty Dawgs have started arriving in Antigua so off we go.

After a 9-hour sail, we arrived in Dominica. This island was devastated by Hurricane Irma. You can see where rivers of water flowed down the mountains and took away everything in their paths, pushing trees and debris on houses at the bottom. Dominica is an independent island, and it will take a long time for them to recover, but they are already welcoming cruisers back to their beautiful island. We spent a few days there last year going on a tour of the Indian River and hiking up to beautiful waterfalls. We are looking forward to visiting there again on our way south in January and seeing more of this beautiful island.

On 11/18/17, we arrived in Falmouth Harbor, Antigua, to join the other Salty Dawgs who came down from Virginia in the Rally. There was an Arrival Party, a Tail End of the Dog Party (for the last arrivals), and then we had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner at the Antigua Yacht Club with all our friends.

In between all the partying, Bob and I removed the four large windows in our boat and resealed them. It took almost an entire day to remove one and clean all the old sealer from the window and the window frame because it had to be completely clean before setting and resealing them again. This was NOT an easy job. Black urethane (the sealer we used) gets everywhere! Hopefully, they will not leak again for a very long time.

Catching Up

12 November 2017 | St. Lucia
November 6-12, 2017

We've been sailing up the Caribbean island chain on our way to Antigua to meet the Salty Dawg Rally. So far, we've stopped at Union Island, Mayreau, Bequia, and we are currently anchored in Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia is beautiful, and there's a great grocery store, so we did some shopping. It's fairly expensive, so we didn't stock up too much.

The biggest problem here for us is the music at night. There is a Sandals Resort right here in the bay, and other bars, that blast the music until 1 or 2 in the morning. There is no escaping it! We haven't had a good night's sleep for a couple of nights. Yeah...we are getting old.

Today, there was a guy driving around in this little jalopy boat selling fruits and vegetables. I've been looking for fresh cilantro, and it just so happened that he had a small cilantro plant that I was going to buy to grow on the boat (we love guacamole!). Unfortunately, there were ants crawling around in the dirt. He tried to clean them out for us, but I didn't want to bring those unwanted stowaways on board!

Tomorrow, on to Martinique!

Grenada & Carriacou

04 November 2017 | Carriacou
Grenada 10/26-11/2/17

After Oasis was put back in the water on Thursday, 10/26, we stayed at the dock for a few days, finishing up some projects. The marina told us we had to be off the dock on Monday, 10/30, as they had it reserved for someone else, but since we were still waiting for someone to finish working on our refrigeration and another person to finish fabricating our stainless steel handrails, we decided to anchor out in the bay until this work was done. We had decided that we needed handrails next to the companionway steps, coming out from inside the boat, so when underway, there is something else to hang on to when climbing up the steps. The fabricator made one of the poles too short, so he had to redo it, then still made it too short, so had to redo it again. The third time's a charm, and he finally got it right.

While we were anchored out, we were approached by a boat with three men. They wanted to know if we would buy some lobster! Hell yeah! They said $60 EC (Easter Caribbean) each, which was about $20 US each, but Bob talked them down to $60 EC for two lobsters, one large one and one smaller one, and they even did the dirty work of cutting them in half. So for about $20 US, we had a fantastic dinner of grilled lobster with butter. It doesn't get any better than that!

Carriacou 11/2-11/5/17

On Thursday, 11/2, we decided to sail north to Carriacou, an island that is part of Grenada. We had a nice sail up and anchored in Tyrell Bay. The next morning, we decided to install the stainless steel handrails. Bob had to drill into our Corian countertop, which was not something I was too thrilled about doing, but it turned out fine. We did an awesome job installing them, if I do say so myself.

Today, 11/4, we took a bus (really just a van) to Hillsborough. Carriacou is a beautiful island, very clean, and the people are so friendly! Whenever anyone boarded the bus along the route, they said good afternoon to everyone. Cannot imagine that happening at home! Hillsborough is a nice little town with lots of bars and small shops. We stopped at a grocery store for a water and beer, and it cost us $5.35 EC, which is less than $2 US. I should have done some more shopping there, because a woman at a vegetable stand on the side of the street charged me $20 EC, about $7.50 US, for an avocado and some sweet potatoes. I learned my lesson there.

Tomorrow, 11/5, we'll be checking out at Customs and Immigration in the morning, and will go up around the corner to Hillsborough Bay where there is a marine park and good snorkeling. We have 24 hours after checking out to leave. We'll spend the night there, then sail north again to Union Island, where we will be checking into St. Vincent.

And so it begins....

23 October 2017 | Grenada
We arrived in Grenada yesterday, 10/22/17, rented a car, and went straight to Oasis at Clark’s Court Marina. The bottom had a fresh coat of green paint, the sides were polished, and it looks great! We found a ladder to climb on the boat, since she’s still on land up on stands, and went inside. A little dusty and messy, but overall she looks great (and thankfully no mold!). We stopped at the store this morning and bought lots of paper towels and vinegar. I started cleaning everything inside from the front to the back while Bob started putting things together on the outside of the boat. We have a long list of items that need to get done before the boat is put back in the water this Thursday.

And so it begins...
Vessel Name: Oasis
Vessel Make/Model: Tayana 48 DS
Hailing Port: Solomons, Maryland, USA
Crew: Robert & Carol Gaiman
So, where to begin... Bob and I grew up in different towns in Sullivan County, NY. Even though we didn't know each other growing up, during our teenage years we both spent our weekends on Swinging Bridge Lake boating and waterskiing with our families. [...]
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