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Happy hour in Oriental

05 November 2011
As previously mentioned, we stopped in Oriental to look for a part at the consignment store and to catch up with Christy and Bill on Veranda.

The part in question is a Morse engine control which, if they were still being made, would cost several hundred dollars. We have been in search of the control for quite some time - on line, on e-bay and at any used boat parts store we have come across.

So we wander in Marine Consignment of Oriental begin to browse. These are only somewhat organized places, so it takes some time to make the full tour.

At one point, Bill was intently staring at a shelf of oil filters. What he failed to notice until it was pointed out to him was that hanging directly in front of the filters, inches from his eyes, was exactly the part that for which we have been searching.

Not only was it priced at about one quarter of what we expected to pay, but the store took an offer about one third less than the stated price.

We grabbed the part and proceeded directly to happy hour. Here we all are the Silos celebrating our find and our savings.
Vessel Name: Alibi II
Vessel Make/Model: Allied Seawind II
Hailing Port: Thompson Bay, Long Island, Bahamas
Crew: Bess and Bill
About: And crewhounds Gus and Jake
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