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The funniest story we have heard all year

22 February 2013
Pictured above is our friend Clark. We have not seen him since our first year cruising - pic from that year on the left, this year on the right. Since then he has changed a bit - now a single-hander, lost a few lbs.

He leaves his boat in Titusville, FL when he is home in Canada in the summer. When he got back to the boat this fall, as part of his getting ready for the winter he visited the barber shop across the street from the marina for a haircut.

The nice lady cutting his hair was not a native English speaker. She asked a number of questions - 'are you on a boat?', 'where are you going?' and 'are you with your wife?' etc. He answered 'no, I'm alone but I would like a crew.' ' A crew? You want a crew?' she asked. 'Yeah, a crew' he answered. Next thing he knew, the clippers came out and his hair was gone.
Vessel Name: Alibi II
Vessel Make/Model: Allied Seawind II
Hailing Port: Thompson Bay, Long Island, Bahamas
Crew: Bess and Bill
About: And crewhounds Gus and Jake
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