Pacific Transit 2013 to Asia and Thailand 2016

We spent 2014 in Fiji, 2015 in New Zealand and 2016 in Malaysia and Thailand. Always Saturday was sold in 2016 in Malaysia

Arriving in Debut, Indonesia

Arrival in Debut, Indonesia

We arrived in Debut early in the morning because we were advised it was best to come into the anchorage during daylight hours. We saw lots of boats that were also in the rally that we had meet in Thursday Island and everybody seemed to have a nice spot for anchoring. The water was very deep like 30 and 40 feet or more making things a bit trickier. Some boats has found a shallow shelf and managed to back in close to shore and tie off with a line to some trees hoping their anchor would hold them and keep them forward. Some did and some didn't. We had a day when boats were dragging and of course when that happens the owner is never on board so it left to the folks that are around to help save the day. Very little damage was incurred by any of the boats but it always makes for a bit of excitement. Always Saturday found a wonderful place to anchor so sometimes it pays to be at the end of the fleet rather than in front.

We were greeted royally by the locals in Debut. It was obvious that not many boaters of light skin come to visit. We were stared at, had our pictures taken, smiled at and always greeted. It was quite a show. That evening they had a very interesting (!) Gala Dinner and Dance for the new visitors. All the important dignitaries were there including a shaman to greet and bless the visitors. A buffet dinner was provided with lots of dancing and tiresome incomprehensible speech making. All seemed to be going well until the next day! The cruisers had a great time but by the next day we discovered that half of the fleet had food issues (diarrhea) and the other half had head colds. All but Ron as he had his dinner before we went so he was covered.

We stayed for several more days recovering and then sailed on to Walir which was a quiet anchorage. We had about seven other boats with us so it made for a nice group and we all got together on Always Saturday for an evening of good fun.

Before leaving Debut there were some issues with government paperwork. More forms were needed but nobody new exactly what was required. We stayed long enough to get what we thought was necessary but found out we were short one or two form but they will catch up with us as other boaters picked up form for the boats that had already left. We have to all meet again in early September to renew our visas and we will get the necessary forms then.

From the Crew of Always Saturday