Pacific Transit 2013 to Asia and Thailand 2016

We spent 2014 in Fiji, 2015 in New Zealand and 2016 in Malaysia and Thailand. Always Saturday was sold in 2016 in Malaysia

Ko Yo Mei

Ko Yo Mei, Phang Nga Bay

January 24, 2016

Our first stop was the island of Ko Yo Mei, which is where Wendy and Byron plan to stay after a short cruise with us. We anchored off the west side and were entertained by all the activity on the beach. There were three resorts and lots of nightlife and beach sports. Each resort seems to have a small contingency of longtail boats to transport guests to the various attractions.

Hongs are caves and lagoons cut into the limestone that are fun and exciting to explore. In some, one has to row perhaps 200 yard in the pitch black to pass through a tunnel that opens into a large lagoon. There are many hongs around and plenty of explorers. Then there is the famous James Bond Island of “Man with a Golden Gun” fame that is a must to visit. Lots of people come to spend their money and the locals are geared up to take them wherever. The water is warm and green and inviting but not clear. It is certainly not what we have become accustomed to across the Pacific and makes cleaning the bottom of the boat more of a chore.

The next day we went ashore and beached the dinghy. We spent a couple of hours walking around and taking some photos. We even got a tour of a very expensive resort up the mountain. We had a driver who drive who took us up and around the villas and the common areas all overlooking a most wonderful seascape. I think he was more of an escort in a very nice way. Very posh resort with all the finest amenities, many of which we have missed.

Most of the tourists were Europeans and there were no Americans. The lawns and gardens were manicured with cheap labor maintaining the rooms and meeting areas immaculately. Everyone was very polite and helpful and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit. I expect Wendy and Byron will be at a different resort!

We have had a sporatic problem with our SSB Ham radio and I have been struggling to clean contacts with little result. The next stop will be close to the main island where a professional can have a look at it.

Nancy and I are contemplating continuing our journey and crossing the Indian Ocean eventually arriving in S. Africa where we could spend several months driving around the preserves and national parks. Many boats are leaving from Thailand and traveling the northern route but one has to leave during the right time of year and if you don’t one can encounter heavy headwinds. Not for us! The other alternative is to plan to cross in the southern hemisphere which is more like an express train. Taking the southern route allows more time in Asia before one must depart but it does require to travel back south through Indonesia to depart after May 1st. Since our engine still needs an overhaul which could be done well in Malaysia we may choose to do the southern route. It will become necessary to return to Maylasia and use Pankgor Marina as our launching place. Otherwise we will need to stay in Malaysia during the hot and rainy season, something neither of us want to do. That is unless we find a buyer for Always Saturday (which doesn't seem promising) in which case we would have to create another plan!

From the Crew of Always Saturday