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02 March 2010

Conception Bay etal

02 March 2010
Sunny, cool, 75 daytime
Just an update. We are presently in Conception Bay, and after the last year in La Paz this place is soooooooo quiet. No potlucks, no coffee hour, no "net" in the mornings. Wow, withdrawal. We have been the only boat in most anchorages that we have tried, altho I did hear that their are 4 boats in El Burro cove, so I guess we had better rush down there to be with the crowd.
We actually spent the morning boating around trying to find a Telcel connection, and had to come back up to Mulage to get online, or at least to the San Domingo anchorage, just across the bay. Thought we would have connection in Coyote Bay, but no such luck. Anyway, did manage to get on and get a bunch of stuff taken care of.

I labeled this blog for marketing, but I have done very little in the way of marketing since Jan. when we left to come north, so I have no great marketing hints, altho, I do think that the idea that works the best seems to be consistency, and I fail at that abysmally. No consistency here!!

We really lucked in with a window to come north to Conception, hit the only day with Southerly winds, and had a great sail. We left from Punta Pulpita and arrived in the afternoon. The left over swell was a bit discomforting from the northerly that had been blowing for the previous 4 days, but by the afternoon it had settled down, and switched to the south. All in all a good day. "Dark Star" was running behind us, and had a great spinnaker run, they looked super, was wishing we had a spinnaker!!

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Vessel Name: Apolima
Vessel Make/Model: Durbeck 46
Hailing Port: Vancouver BC Canada
Crew: Gary & Phyllis Stratton
Gary and I have just retired. We decided that since we always were going to go cruising in our retirement years, that this was the time to do it. So far we have made it as far as La Paz Mexico and have been stuck. It is marvelous. [...]
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Who: Gary & Phyllis Stratton
Port: Vancouver BC Canada