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24 August 2018 | Marshall Islands
30 May 2018 | Marshall Islands
15 April 2018 | Majuro, Marshall Islands
24 March 2018 | Marshall Islands, waiting out the cyclone season
09 March 2011 | Back in Escondido
08 February 2011 | La Paz
09 December 2010
07 December 2010 | Puerto Escondido, Mx
06 December 2010 | Puerto Escondido, Mx
16 November 2010 | Puerto Escondido, BCS
12 September 2010 | still in La Paz
24 August 2010 | La Paz, Mexico
20 April 2010
02 March 2010

The Rescue of Neka

20 April 2010
Hi there, have been trying to sort out sending this photo in a decent size not just thumbnail, and am such a neophyte when it comes to computers, any help would be appreciated.
We are back in La Paz, our home port of choice, altho, it has been a tough decision. We really love Escondido, but without a car, we are rather stranded from town. But the anchorages around Loretto are really super, and in the summer when the wind is low we can anchor off Loretto and shop etc. We have loads of luck getting our telcel modem online, which to me is rather important, at at the same time we can snorkel and swim and fish and just generally do all the fun stuff.
Am going to attempt to add a photo of the rescue of Neka, it was a really great example of community effort, because when the first boat saw her, she was almost on the rocks, and within a few minutes there were skiffs heading from every direction, coming to the rescue.
Vessel Name: Apolima
Vessel Make/Model: Durbeck 46
Hailing Port: Vancouver BC Canada
Crew: Gary & Phyllis Stratton
Gary and I have just retired. We decided that since we always were going to go cruising in our retirement years, that this was the time to do it. So far we have made it as far as La Paz Mexico and have been stuck. It is marvelous. [...]
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Who: Gary & Phyllis Stratton
Port: Vancouver BC Canada