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24 August 2018 | Marshall Islands
30 May 2018 | Marshall Islands
15 April 2018 | Majuro, Marshall Islands
24 March 2018 | Marshall Islands, waiting out the cyclone season
09 March 2011 | Back in Escondido
08 February 2011 | La Paz
09 December 2010
07 December 2010 | Puerto Escondido, Mx
06 December 2010 | Puerto Escondido, Mx
16 November 2010 | Puerto Escondido, BCS
12 September 2010 | still in La Paz
24 August 2010 | La Paz, Mexico
20 April 2010
02 March 2010

Just a Thought

16 November 2010 | Puerto Escondido, BCS
. Received a short comment from my brother Herb the other day on Facebook, He said he had looked up our bay here in Escondido and it was pretty remote but it had nice coloured water. Great. You have to love the water, and we really do love the areas up here. They have absolutely everything you could want, lots of swimming, enough shopping that you can get by, a terrific market for veggies, great companionship with all the other boaters and campers. It really is a toss up between here and La Paz. Both have their attributes, both have great people, we do find that La Paz has more activities which is a big draw. A real toughy.

Anyway, Herb's comment reminded me of a little old bag lady that I saw in a small town in Oregon while I was trucking. I had stopped at the Wal-Mart mall to pick up some groceries, and as I was leaving I noticed just outside of the mall, on a large grass strip was this bag lady with her shopping cart etc. But more than that, she had a discarded beach umbrella, (a couple of the struts were broken), and a discarded lawn chair, and was sitting under the shade singing and watching traffic. How peaceful and creative. Now I know, someone is going to say, how about the rain and the cold and snow etc etc etc. but for just that moment in time she was at peace with the world, and isn't that what all of us want, just some point in time to be at peace with the world!
Vessel Name: Apolima
Vessel Make/Model: Durbeck 46
Hailing Port: Vancouver BC Canada
Crew: Gary & Phyllis Stratton
Gary and I have just retired. We decided that since we always were going to go cruising in our retirement years, that this was the time to do it. So far we have made it as far as La Paz Mexico and have been stuck. It is marvelous. [...]
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Created 19 April 2018

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Who: Gary & Phyllis Stratton
Port: Vancouver BC Canada